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  1. CoasterJon18

    News Sand Serpent to be enclosed

    A permit was recently filed by Busch Gardens Tampa to enclose the wild-mouse style ride and its queue by sometime in 2018. This will allow more to do during Florida's summer thunderstorms and provide a creative slate for such an underrated ride...
  2. CoasterJon18

    News New Show at Moroccan Palace 2017

    After a 5-year run, Iceploration is being replaced with a new show in Summer 2017
  3. CoasterJon18

    MarketWatch & their opinion on SeaWorld's future

    So... I was looking at SeaWorld's stock and a story from "MarketWatch" popped up. Basically, this analyst Benjamin Chaiken believes that they need more rollercoasters and selling off Busch Gardens is an ideal move. "So instead, he (Chaiken) said SeaWorld should “cut” its dividend, even if it...
  4. CoasterJon18

    Rumor BGT Project 2017

    Alright, let's get the rumor mill running again... Currently, there are three options (and possibly more) for a project that could start after Cobra's Curse. We have the SBNO Gwazi, which has become aesthetically horrendous due to age, wear, and lack of maintenance. Currently, wood has...
  5. CoasterJon18

    Happy Thanksgiving: What's for Dinner? 2015

    I know I did a rendition of this 2 years ago, but here we go again. Since it's that time of year again, what will be on your table this Thanksgiving? (Or where are you going to eat?)
  6. CoasterJon18

    SeaWorld Parks Announcements 11/5/15

    According to Screamscape, big announcements are coming later today. Interestingly enough, Joel Manby is going to talk tomorrow as well, November 6. SWP&E Announcements 11/5
  7. CoasterJon18

    Event Howl-O-Scream 2015: Unearthed

    Howl-O-Scream 2015 has been "unearthed" with this message: The event was announced June 17 over Howl-O-Scream social media, including Freaky Preview dates (Sept. 25 & 26). The event is Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from Sept. 25 to Oct. 31 (Including Oct. 18 & 25, which are Sundays)...
  8. CoasterJon18

    What Color is the Dress??

    I still think it's White & Gold.... This has gone viral around my school. Thoughts on your perception?
  9. CoasterJon18

    News Dragonfire Grille

    The old Desert Grill/ Pantopia Grill food lines are getting a makeover! To my surprise, they've gutted the entire section, as shown in the tweet I posted. This permit was filed back when Falcon's Fury was being built. As I've heard, more big changes are coming as well...
  10. CoasterJon18

    Dali Museum Tampa, FL

    Going today! On the bus right now! SO EXCITED! :D
  11. CoasterJon18

    BGT Meeting/Behind the Scenes tour- November 29

    [attachment=6979] Well, besides the updates I already posted, My family and I had a great time with Mr. Rose. First, we went behind the scenes on Falcon's Fury and got to climb inside the first piece of the tower! Then, he talked about his job, which what I was mainly there for. Also, we...
  12. CoasterJon18

    Happy Thanskgiving!- What's for dinner?

    While the turkey is stuffed and finally in the oven, I created this thread to ask: What is your multicultural Thanksgiving dinner going to consist of? Mine will include Stuffed Turkey, Cranberry sauce, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Sweet Potato Casserole, Green Bean Casserole, etc. Don't even...
  13. CoasterJon18

    Possible New SEAS Property in the Future?

    According to the Q3 conference call, SWP&E might be adding a new park to their chain. Any thoughts on where and when it might be?
  14. CoasterJon18

    BGT experience November 11

    Well today was quite interesting. Not only does Falcon's fury have the hexagonal base, the construction crew was hard at work today. Also, the Congo Train Station is closed again, but the description has been removed as well. And, Gwazi's description has been removed from the map. The...
  15. CoasterJon18

    Concept Nile Falls

    I've been thinking about this for awhile. Since BGT needs more water rides (Because the ones they have are packed!) I think they should make one based on the Nile. It would be a water coaster hybrid, just like Journey to Atlantis, and it would feature elements never experienced before on a...
  16. CoasterJon18

    Rumor Future of Rhino Rally

    The once fun Vekoma adventure ride known by many as Rhino Rally at BGT has been questioned for removal. Why? Because it's really expensive to hire drivers, it's gotten cheesy with the removal of the notorious water adventure section, and the main reason being, It's just not popular anymore. Not...
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