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  1. Nora

    Existing Rhinefeld (Germany)

    You know... When there is mention of buying cheap copies, my brain does not compute. These works of art- hand crafted and made specifically for Busch Gardens in 1976. I suppose a good analogy of that logic would be like an authentic hand carved Bavarian cuckoo clock, that was handed down...
  2. Nora

    2014 Food and Wine Festival

    I am shocked.. Ty and I loved the Bangers and Colcannon.  We were very pleased with the flavor and portion size. [attachment=8633] Oh and the Bushwacker at the Caribbean booth is FANTASTIC!
  3. Nora

    Existing Rhinefeld (Germany)

    The thing is that something like the clock pieces would need to be repaired by an antique restoration expert. The replacement parts could be fabricated and reattached by someone who knew what they were doing and even repainted. The problem is that work like this is costly. More than likely...
  4. Nora

    2014 Food and Wine Festival

    That is a great idea Alpen! They should have it in the AC in a glass case for a while (at least for F&W). That way Ludwig can make sure we all get our just desserts!! Muah ha ha ha!
  5. Nora

    Defunct This is Oktoberfest

    RE: This is Oktoberfest (1976 to 2011, 2013 to Present) Well, the big sign for Entwined would confuse me if I were a visiting guest that had never been to the park. I would look at my map and think- oh it is a show- and walk on if the times did not match up with my schedule. Back when it...
  6. Nora

    Existing Rhinefeld (Germany)

    I cannot understand how the figures could become so damaged. It almost looks as if they fell from their perches to the ground below. Auf Wiedersehen lieber Uhr. Sie werden nicht vergessen werden.
  7. Nora

    Defunct London Rocks!

    RE: London Rocks! (2014 to Present) The list of songs - there is one I see you missed. It is Space Oddity by David Bowie.
  8. Nora

    Existing Jack Hanna Trail

    RE: Jack Hanna's Wild Reserve That is the link to a great selection of photos of the area. Threadneedle was a very fun and popular area where actors interacted with guests in games and an actual show. That was located where "the secret life of...
  9. Nora

    2014 Food and Wine Festival

    Oh man! Woot! The park is offering and adult only boat cruise this year! Here are the specs: Date Night on the Rhine There is nothing nicer than a cruise along the Rhine River - unless you add...
  10. Nora


    The thing about the lanyard pins is that collectors want the kind that Kings Dominion.  Every pin they released this year is fantastic.  They are geared for pass members and die hard enthusiasts.   Personally, I have only purchased the BGW pins based on the rides.  Some of them are too bulky...
  11. Nora

    Defunct Roller Coaster Big Bad Wolf

    That just makes me horribly sad. Last week I went to my doctor and his first question was "Still miss the Big Bad Wolf?."  I went to the dentist today and he asked "So you still missing the wolf?"  Yes. Yes. Yes.   The moonlight on the water as the cars swung over the Rhine, the rapid twists...
  12. Nora

    #KD40 Trip Report and Review

    [br] [br] With Nora's blessing, her post has been moved to and can be found here. Enjoy! [br] [br] —————————————
  13. Nora

    Defunct London Rocks!

    RE: London Rocks! (2014 to Present) CastleOSullivan makes a good point. This show would benefit from a behind the scenes tour. I am sure there would be some interested parties should the park add that to their current array of tours.
  14. Nora

    Best Themed Hamlet

    I would have voted for Rhinefeld if the clock was working. Last week it was broken, missing parts and a shop vac was sitting inside the open window. :(
  15. Nora

    Busch Gardens Quality Control Team

  16. Nora

    Defunct London Rocks!

    RE: London Rocks! (2014 to Present) I was right. Merch is here.
  17. Nora

    What changes would you make to enhance the park?

    I wish they would rebuild the old Oktoberfest Bridge. It really kept the bottleneck traffic down by allowing a complete loop around Oktoberfest and Rhinefeld. Their "remove the bridge to increase game sales" is no longer valid. These days, the first thing people cut from their park budgets is...
  18. Nora

    Defunct London Rocks!

    RE: London Rocks! (2014 to Present) I can almost bet they will have London Rocks merch. If so, this really will infuriate me. Reason being is that I have been wanting Celtic Fyre and Night Beats shirts, signed cast posters, soundtracks, and even lanyard pins. My gut is telling me London...
  19. Nora

    Banbury Cross Retheme Coming in 2014

    All I can say is that from what I have heard, Festa colors are spreading into England. I may have to wear a blindfold and pretend Banbury is no longer an area of the park.
  20. Nora

    Banbury Cross Retheme Coming in 2014

    Oh CK. I was crying from laughing so hard. Now all I can visualize as this being the entrance to Busch Gardens in a year:
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