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  1. Adam

    Aquazoid Amped

    They're also doing some work to Aquazoid. It looks like they're doing some foundation work and redoing the stairs (or at least part of them).
  2. Adam

    News 125 New Layoffs for August

    I don't typically follow this type of stuff, mostly just the construction side of the house, but figured I'd leave this here. Seemed like the appropriate thread. SeaWorld cuts 125 jobs, plans restructuring - Orlando Sentinel
  3. Adam

    Project 2019: Finnegan's Flyer (S&S Screamin' Swing)

    Exciting news today - a new height waiver has been submitted to James City County today labeled as "Ireland Expansion." The filing (screenshot from the JCC website below) is for "90' for new structure near the Ireland section of Busch Gardens." Considering the park just opened Battle for Eire...
  4. Adam

    Bridge Replacement Between Heatherdowns & Rhinefeld

    This is definitely not very exciting news compared to the 2015 attraction, but still news nonetheless. I was messing around on the JCC Planning CaseTrak site taking a look at the various applications submitted to the county and found a Site Plan Amendment for the "removal and replacement of the...
  5. Adam

    [NoLimits] Verbolten NoLimits Recreation

    Ok, so I am starting to do an EXTREMELY accurate Verbolten recreation in No Limits. The only problem is the drop track. I know I can find a way to do the building though (I might need someone to do the elements within the building - I know its possible). I'm probably going to be working on this...
  6. Adam

    Hurricane Irene

    Anyone know what the park is doing to prep for Hurricane Irene, if anything?
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