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    Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Complete Edition

    A new version of RCT3 is being released later this month. It will run on modern PCs and Nintendo Switch and will feature widescreen HD graphics.
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    Disney's America

    Back in the 90's, Disney wanted to build an America-themed park in Northern Virginia. I remember hearing about the failed plan growing up, but I never knew the details until recently when I watched this YouTube video. Defunctland: The War for Disney's America I'd love to hear your thoughts on...
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    Park Food

    I agree. With so many "snack food options" around the park (pretzels, popcorn, churros, ice cream, donuts, funnel cakes, etc), if I'm going to pay for a meal I want a decent amount of food. If I wanted a less food or to spend less money, I'd go with one of the aforementioned options instead.
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    Stopping a Coaster Anywhere Along the Track

    This really bugs me, so I'm venting here. I have read multiple posts on various social media platforms where someone is convinced that ride operators can push a button to make a roller coaster trains come to a sudden stop wherever they are on the track. In some cases the people making that...
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    Theme Park University: Could Closing DK Signal SEAS Decline?

    Theme Park University posted an article titled "Could the closing of Curse of DarKastle Signal the Beginning of A Sharp Decline for SeaWorld Parks?" I hope the answer is a...
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    Possible Dollywood Visit

    How does Dollywood compare to Busch Gardens Williamsburg or Kings Dominion? I might be in the area this summer and am thinking of going. I will be with my 4 year old daughter, so I'm more interested in family rides, scenery, and shows than I am in extreme thrills.
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    Colonial Pipeline Leak in Alabama

    I ran across this article and figured I would share here. Gas price increases will make a trip to the park more expensive and could affect attendance numbers. Even more relevant is the fact that this is the same pipeline that runs through Busch Gardens - as discussed here previously. This...
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    Refillable Souvenir Cups

    I know that the cups give you free refills on the day you buy them and 99 cent refills for the rest of that season. However, is there a discounted price for refilling a cup from a previous season?
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    Admission Deals

    Are there any current deals out there for single day tickets?
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