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    Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ was good.
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    Bring out your pets!

    Good photo. I see at least two. Can't tell if 3rd is the rest of the tail or another.
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    Discovery Cove Discounts & Tips

    Pulling up an old thread. We are going to be staying at Copper Creek in Disney over thanksgiving week. Since we are doing a stay-cation, I just realized it might be a good time to finally do this park. Does anyone know of any good places to purchase tickets or get discounts? Are there any...
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    COVID-19’s Impacts on BGW

    Are people still getting charged for monthly AP dues even with the park closed? If that is the case, do any of you have plans for stopping that soon? The longer this continues, the more I wonder about the possibility of them not reopening.
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    Busch Gardens California?

    Was not aware this even existed.
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    COVID-19 & Coasters: Coronavirus Impacts on the Amusement Industry

    Do they need to break even to open or just not lose more than they were when closed.
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    COVID-19 & Coasters: Coronavirus Impacts on the Amusement Industry

    I would hope reservation system would follow the fastpass sytem in a sense. Meaning that onsite hotel guest get a larger window to book reservations. Or maybe onsite guests are guaranteed reservation to a park.
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    Last Coaster Before Coronavirus

    Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. Rode on Thanksgiving week 2019
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    Breaking Bad is my favorite series. It was cheers. Then Breaking bad came along. I just finish Ozark. Ozark has a chance of becoming my new number one series. Will have to see how it wraps it all up at the end.
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    Behind the Scenes Videos

    I watched some of these today. They were a nice distraction. I hope they continue.
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    COVID-19’s Impacts on BGW

    This seems to be a good think for a park open year round. Not sure how this works with BGW. let’s say this extends until may 1, I think longer, but let’s say may 1. The park closes in December and I would figure these upgrades would usually end then as well. If BGW extends these for the...
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    Coronavirus Crisis

    I think some in the use caution section should be moved to avoid. But that may be just me.
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    MagicBands Anonymous

    I ordered this band for my wife. It arrived today. It is a nice looking band. The box for the band has the wording "Limited Edition" and not "Limited Release" like it said on Shop Disney. I also noticed that it is sold out online now. I am happy I ordered it when I did.
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    MagicBands Anonymous

    Quick question about this band. I noticed that the site I referenced earlier,, has this band listed at $58 as well as "Limited Edition of 2500". Shop disney had it at $48 and is calling it limited release. Was there a LE as well as this LR version? If so...
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    MagicBands Anonymous

    I have found that using the slider near where the band locks has helped control the accidental unlocking.
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    MagicBands Anonymous

    If you have not picked it up yet, I found this band on Shop Disney today.
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    Attraction Project 2019: Rise of the Resistance (East)

    I have a friend that was there today and said they woke up at 5 and the boarding groups closed by 7:02. I know it is a holiday weekend but That seems very fast. They did say that they were able to ride.
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    MagicBands Anonymous

    A word of caution or advice or both. Advice first. You can combine gift cards at . This is good if you buy a bunch of small gift cards and want to combine to one later. I have physical cards in my possession. I order the disney e-gift cards online from target to save 5%...
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    MagicBands Anonymous

    I have that Avatar one And use if for animal kingdom as well. I think my favorite may be this one or my 2018 orange bird flower and garden festival band. But I am a big orange bird fan. i go to this site to see more details about magic bands.
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    2019 Christmas Town

    Seeing reports of major accident on I-64 in williamsburg area. 45 car pileup. Interstate shutdown. Just an FYI if you are heading to Christmas Town.
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