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  1. pandorazboxx

    Busch Gardens Discovery App

    I haven't used the BG app since last season. It looks like they have a new feature that lets you pay with the app. Has anyone used this feature yet? does it use your phone's nfc or is it some kind of Barcode? Generally though this app looks way better than last year's app. they have a...
  2. pandorazboxx

    Show Clyde & Seamore: Sea Lion High

    I know they closed Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island earlier this month, but it looks like they're going to be making a new show about your favorite Sea Lions for next year...
  3. pandorazboxx

    Halloween Horror Nights 24 (2014)

    HHN Official Site They recently released a few details on their site. Dates: Select nights Sept. 19th through Nov. 1 8 Terrifying Haunted Houses: -Walking Dead. Season 4 Maze Hang onto your heads, Hershel fans…. Universal Orlando Resort has revealed the first of its eight mazes for...
  4. pandorazboxx

    The Land of Oz ————————————— Didn't know about this place. Someone posted about it on Reddit earlier today. Apparently every year it's open for tours on one weekend in the fall. Has anyone been there?
  5. pandorazboxx

    Former BGT Director of Security Kills Man in Movie Theater

    You have probably heard about this today or last night: You probably did not hear this part at first: I was going to post this in the Tampa "Everything Else" forum, but I figured that it might be...
  6. pandorazboxx

    Attraction Taumata Racer

    Saw this pop up today: Here's a video of the Orlando version.
  7. pandorazboxx

    Event Howl-O-Scream 2013: The 13

    I thought I made a post about this a while ago, but it looks like it got lost in the site shuffle. BGT HOS 2013 Official Site BGT HOS 2013 Tickets This year's event runs Thursdays through Saturdays from September 27th to October 26th. Howl O Scream runs from 7:30pm to 1:00am every night...
  8. pandorazboxx

    NOVA Man Arrested at KD

    Times Dispatch :@
  9. pandorazboxx

    Sea of Surprises: SeaWorld's 50th Celebration

    [tweet=] *I don't know how to embed tweets. I've seen it done before. Anyone know anything about this? Saw something on twitter that mentioned a dual thing with San Diego. The name itself sounds like a new Shamu show. And this video...
  10. pandorazboxx


    Finally announced via Universal Orlando's facebook page: I'm curious how Duff Beer will taste. I mean it's supposed to be a crappy version of budweiser right? —————————————
  11. pandorazboxx

    Madagascar Character Lunch

    From Busch Gardens' Tampa Bay website for Madagascar Live! (still not sure where to put stuff like tours and experiences, but I figured it's mostly dining)
  12. pandorazboxx

    Antarctica Cup That Cares Looks neat. Build your own cup, get a custom Coke Freestyle drink in Antarctica and help the Conservation Fund. Has anyone else ever made a...
  13. pandorazboxx

    Attraction Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

    I don't know if you guys have had a chance to check out this series but here ya go!
  14. pandorazboxx

    Jungala Tiger Tug-o-War

    Saw these pictures on Reddit today. From the comments it sounds like they do this every once in a while for special events. I've never seen it open, but I'm only there in early October when it is slow. Has anyone seen this in person? Sounds like it would be...
  15. pandorazboxx

    SeaWorld's Turtle Trek Game

    Looks like SWE has launched it's first game. Anyone messed around with it yet? It looks like it is only on iOS. Looks like a portion of the in app purchases go to the SeaWorld Conservation Fund
  16. pandorazboxx

    New: Birds of Prey Up-close Tour

    It looks like they added a new tour for this season: $22 for the 60min tour. Passmembers, of course, get a discount on the tour. I think this looks like a pretty cool way to spend an hour.
  17. pandorazboxx

    News Madagascar Live! Operation: Vacation Announced

    Looks like they will be opening a Madagascar show at Stanleyville Theatre this May at BGT. Show opens May 18th...
  18. pandorazboxx

    SeaWorld Park & Entertainment IPO
  19. pandorazboxx

    Theme Park Studio

    Trailer here for a new coaster simulator from Pantera Entertainment: Looks like the source is
  20. pandorazboxx

    TPR bash August 4 th

    Anybody going to this?
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