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  1. UncleDuncan

    Coronavirus Crisis

    Most American households cannot withstand an unplanned, 400 dollar bill. But yeah, I guess everyone should all pull themselves up by their bootstraps and recycle aluminum cans in their "spare" time to sock away a little cash for the unknowable megavirus coming in the future. Makes sense.
  2. UncleDuncan

    When is it time to retire a ride?

    I was thinking about this on the way in to work today because it seems like within the last year or two, maybe more, we've seen an uptick in ancient or classic rides being sent to Amusement Heaven (where Coaster Jesus lives). The debate in the Volcano thread alone is interesting albeit dizzying...
  3. UncleDuncan


    Once upon a time, in a land not far away, there was a desperate dad who was perplexed by how few local family attractions he could take his family to. So he bought 20 acres of rolling hillside just south of Salem, Oregon, and over the next seven years built a peculiar theme park straight from...
  4. UncleDuncan

    File Under WTF

    Elysium Adventures ... Yeah.
  5. UncleDuncan

    Georgia Aquarium

    I'll be going tomorrow for the first time. Does it count as a park? I dunno. But I'll report on it soon.
  6. UncleDuncan

    Bansky's Dismaland

    Dismaland! Source: The Guardian Counter-culture usually bores me, but I won't lie: I'd totally go here.
  7. UncleDuncan

    News Area Project 2019: Star Wars Galaxy's Edge (East)

    More pictures and stuff at the link. I'm officially excited, as long as TFA doesn't tank.
  8. UncleDuncan

    Cedar Fair Pickers Scour Europe for Vintage Amusement Park Rides

    See more here: Link to Story
  9. UncleDuncan

    Trip Reports

    Hot damn, I don't even know how to start this report. A man wise beyond his years (b.mac) once told me, never review your home park. Those are good words to live by I've come to realize because I'm finding it hard to put last week's trip into words - and keep in mind this is me we're talking...
  10. UncleDuncan

    List Your 2015 Trip Destinations

    Winter is over and travel season is just around the corner! I'm planning a lot of trips this year to various places, theme parks included. Here's my hit list of places to go this year: 1. Universal Studios / Island of Adventure Knocked this out back in February but it happened in 2015 so it...
  11. UncleDuncan

    The Park Has No IP

    Last week, it was made (sort of) clear something a lot of us could have predicted after 2011: This is Oktoberfest is getting the axe. And like clockwork, the forums went into a deathspin of vitriol and hate. I even contributed to the dissent because, despite my loathing of most shows, I actually...
  12. UncleDuncan

    Merry Whatever This Is

    ... Lolz.
  13. UncleDuncan

    Name Something Overrated. Name Something Underrated.

    The name of the game is in the title. Sick of something being over-loved or over-looked? Now's your chance to have your voice heard! Also, be prepared to defend your stance! I'll start: Overrated Girls (TV show). I don't care what anyone thinks: this show is not just bad - it's boring...
  14. UncleDuncan

    Florida December 10(ish) - Work Trip Advice

    My year of being BGW-free is coming to an end. So far this year I've been to the following non-BGW themeparks: Liseberg, Sweden Hersheypark Kings Dominion Six Flags America I swear there was more but I guess not... hm. As per usual, work is sending me to Orlando for our year end...
  15. UncleDuncan


    I figure it's high time we have a thread about all things cooking since most of us are known to eat from time to time. Me? I love to cook indoors or outdoors. Here are some of my essential items I have to have ready at all times (in order of importance): Indoor 1. Electric Pressure...
  16. UncleDuncan

    An Unpopular Opinion of a Very Popular Band

    Pearl Jam. I can't stand them.
  17. UncleDuncan

    Park Review/Trip Report 4/27/14

    Greetings ParkFans! So, as I stated in other threads, 2014 will be a non-BGW year for me. I'm taking a break and I've decided to see other parks (and apparently BGW has a thing now with Premier Rides). Yesterday, I decided to venture up to Hershey, PA from my DC-area home to take in the...
  18. UncleDuncan

    Other Parks, Mid-Atlantic

    I don't know where else to put this thread, so I'm hoping "Everything Else" is a decent place to park this topic. I'm curious what other parks are noteworthy in the Mid-Atlantic region from the point of view of Busch Garden fans. We all like Busch Gardens for various reasons: themes...
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