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  1. superfomi

    Valravn Accident

    My local news reported that it is “closed until further notice”
  2. superfomi

    2018 Knoebels Flooding

    They still haven’t been able to open the pool, per their Facebook
  3. superfomi

    Attraction Existing The Steel Curtain

    In addition to those words I’ve found steel airtime speed footers Inversion
  4. superfomi

    Attraction Existing The Steel Curtain

    I was in kennywood yesterday. I didn’t see anything in the park with hints. I did get some pics of the construction site. But the pics are too large to upload. The lagoon has been filled in and the above footers are now in the water. I’d say only about 8inches or so is above the water line
  5. superfomi

    Attraction Existing The Steel Curtain

    I don’t think I have ever seen the lagoon that low before. At least not during the regular season.
  6. superfomi

    Existing Roller Coaster Tempesto

    In case anyone wants to know, the seats on Tempesto are smaller than the ones on the original SkyRocket in Kennywood.
  7. superfomi

    Bathroom renovations @ Colonial Williamsburg

    This bathroom is fantastic. 9/10 would recommend!
  8. superfomi

    Attraction El Toro

    El Toro is a fantastic ride!
  9. superfomi

    Which is more Fat Friendly? Hershey or Kennywood?

    All of HERSHEY'S coasters have test seats in the front. (I even think the wooden ones do). If you fit on the wooden ones on KW you'll be fine. When I was at HP last year I weighed about what you intend to, and I didn't have a problem on anything.
  10. superfomi

    Project 2015: Impulse

    Knoebles broke the news on twitter. They are putting in a steel coaster in 2015. Details: the Zierer coaster will have a vertical chain lift. It's maxim height is 98 feet. This article as the most organized collection of the information...
  11. superfomi


    I'd stick with it. Season 5 is, in my opinion, the worst season. It got better after that, not season 4 quality, but still enjoyable.
  12. superfomi

    Doctor Who

  13. superfomi

    Hershey Park Flooding

    The rain isn't that far north.
  14. superfomi

    Big & Tall at BGW

    This week was the first time I fit on Apollo in like 6 years. It was better than I remember it. (and I didn't need the larger seats on anything else)
  15. superfomi

    Stratosfear and Opening Day

    Easily the most fun (and comfortable) drop tower I have ever been on.
  16. superfomi

    Flying Turns is Open

    RE: Flying Turns is Testing! I was there today. The test dummies were strapped into the cars. It looks like such an interesting ride, and it makes me sad that it isn't running.
  17. superfomi

    Meal Reviews [Request & Discussion Thread]

    RE: Meal Reviews - Discussion Thread I love it, and get it every time I eat there. I've never really payed enough attention to the Price and stuff to be able to write a review.
  18. superfomi

    Howl-O-Scream 2012 - Music

    RE: Howl-O-Scream 2012 Music It is, or it's something very close to it. Music from It
  19. superfomi

    Defunct Entwined: Tales of Good & Grimm

    RE: Entwined: Tales of Good and Grimm (2012 to Present) I am Into 'Campy Musical Theater', and I still HATED IT. Mostly, Because the music was unoriginal. And the 'Bad witch' Looked like a Dalek from Doctor Who. It really made me think: 'this is what would happen if Little Red Riding...
  20. superfomi

    Existing Flat Ride Mäch Tower

    Mach Tower Opened around 7 tonight.
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