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  1. Youhow2

    Use of Music in Howl-O-Scream

    I am currently putting together a Halloween event, and I was thinking about the music and looking at examples and such of what the park does. In this thread I'm basically discussing "Haunt Theory", How to create atmosphere and moods through music, Asking how the park chooses their music and...
  2. Youhow2

    Project 2016: Skull Island: Reign of Kong (Project 340)

    Probably gonna be located to JP. There is also a rumor I received from a very valuable source that says Tranformers in some capacity is headed to the studios, ramblings of this has been confirmed by a few other insiders with their own sources...
  3. Youhow2

    Guitar Hero DJ Controller. A explanation of what is going on is available on the Youtube description. It's been done before, However not in this capacity ad far as I know. I'm taking a Guitar hero controller and mapping it to a DJ program Called Traktor Pro 2, to allow...
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