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  1. IndyRacingNut

    I can help with the food reviews at KD!

    Hey all....I'm in a unique position that I work over at the Denny's right by the old Best Western at the park, and I just bought myself the season pass, the dining plan and the drink plan...Being that I live at the hotel here and can just walk over to the park 2x a day and get every single food...
  2. IndyRacingNut

    Those flattened penny souvenirs...

    Sorry Zach, I had no clue where to put an APB type of thread for this topic...Feel free to move this wherever you think it should go. Now, I don't know about most of you, but I really love collecting those pressed pennies that are now everywhere in all the parks listed. They're easily the...
  3. IndyRacingNut

    I've moved to So Cal, everyone!!

    Hey everybody! Well, as they say, you play the cards you're dealt, and life just threw me a Royal Flush. I've moved from Richmond to Carlsbad, CA. Basically, this means I won't be able to come to BGW for the foreseeable future. Kills me that I'm going to have to miss this year's F&W...
  4. IndyRacingNut

    Playlist for road trip to BGW??

    What would your playlist if you were on a road trip? Could be to BGW, BGT....Anywhere really. I had this on my iPod on my flight to Dubai earlier this month. 1) Johnny Cash - I've Been Everywhere 2) Beach Boys - I Get Around 3) Daft Punk - Around the World 4) Lindsey Buckingham -...
  5. IndyRacingNut

    Increase In-Park Sponsorships

    Much has been said about the financial health of the park(s), so beggin' your pardon, allow me to take another page out of Disneyland's playbook, since it works for them quite well. Introduce "sponsorships" for attractions/rides. The closest that I can see that BGW has for this is a small...
  6. IndyRacingNut

    Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: Hollywood Edition

    The idea is to match up two co-stars & name what movie they both starred in. The thread continues w/a new co-star. I'll start it off: Movie: JFK Kevin Bacon to Kevin Costner. Enjoy yourself....It's a celebration!!
  7. IndyRacingNut

    Happy Father's Day..... all of you Dads out there.
  8. IndyRacingNut

    POLL: Favorite Samplers from the Food & Wine Festival

    Just wanted to get an idea of everyone's favorite dishes that were served. This poll excludes cheese samplers, desserts, beer flights & wine, etc. Just singular dishes like soups, small entrees, etc. So have at it. Vote for as many as you liked. This should settle the argument over...
  9. IndyRacingNut

    How to post a poll?

    Sorry, I have no idea where else to post this.....
  10. IndyRacingNut

    POLL: Favorite Samplers from the Food & Wine Festival

    Pick as many as you like. With the limit of choices being 20, I took the liberty of leaving out the desserts & the actual sampler trays like cheese, tapas, etc, so that the focus could be on individual dishes. If you want a poll for favorite dessert, just lemme know. So VOTE AWAY!!
  11. IndyRacingNut

    10% passholder discount but 9% sales tax?

    So basically, if you have an annual pass, even if you save 10% on the price of food, beverages & merchandise, etc, you are still subject to a 9% sales tax on that discounted amount, which in essence only nets you a 1% savings, is that correct? Was just looking at some of the receipts I got...
  12. IndyRacingNut

    Trip to Ferrari World

    I leave tomorrow to go to Abu Dhabi which is in the Middle East in the United Arab Emirates. I fully plan on taking LOTS of pics (praying my camera still works, that is) and giving a full trip report on the experience of going on the world's fastest roller coaster, the Formula Rossa...
  13. IndyRacingNut

    Italy w/Venice?

    Why hasn't BGW explored THIS a bit more? Is the topography at the edge of the "river" too steep for them to expand & make a "Venice" area complete with those boats & stuff? Btw, this is not to be considered a "concept".....Just asking a question. :)
  14. IndyRacingNut

    Prices of food @ Knoebels

    These people make every other theme park in America look like downright THIEVES when it comes to food prices!! Check this out! This is their sit-down restaurant's menu. If admissions is where the majority of the money BGW makes, then lower the dang prices on food! More people will...
  15. IndyRacingNut

    Free Chips As You Exit the Park

    Anyone remember THAT? :) Other than the free beer samples on brewery tour, that was one of my favorite parts about the park!
  16. IndyRacingNut

    June 9th, 2013

    Any of you crazies heading to the nuthouse that day? :) My GF & I are going to be spending a kid-free day there (FOR ONCE!!! WE GET TO WATCH SHOWS WITHOUT THE LITTLE ONE HAVING A MELTDOWN HALF_WAY THROUGH!!!) Just want to meet some of ya'll in person for once. Let me know below if...
  17. IndyRacingNut

    For all future changes to the park....

    One thing that absolutely irritates the snot out of me is how theme parks unceremoniously dump old rides, attractions and such without so much as a notice to the GP about it and expect everyone to embrace the new replacement as if the old attraction was never even there. So, I think even...
  18. IndyRacingNut

    Princess Bride characters roaming Ireland or Italy?

    How epically awesome would that be? Swordfights between Wesley & Inigo Montoya..... Vezzini yelling at, well...everybody... Buttercup could be a "Princess" of sorts for the younger girls that come to the park...
  19. IndyRacingNut

    Best Music Video EVER

    I'll get this party started....
  20. IndyRacingNut

    Behind the scenes tours, etc.

    Has anyone done any of these? The animal tours look really cool, as does the Ultimate Insider tour, but I really want to know more about the tours than the website shows before I'm ready to plunk down more than $200 to take my family on one of these.
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