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  1. warfelg

    Expedition Extinct does BGHouston

    Sorry if this wasn't thread worthy but it got posted yesterday and is a good watch.
  2. warfelg

    Cedar point new coaster tease?

  3. warfelg

    Blue Flash Lives!

  4. warfelg

    Man found camping on Discovery Island Was this you @WDWRLD ?? JK....although it gets me thinking with Galactic Starcruiser going in, could Discovery Island be in line for a refurb to something similar? Would be very interesting. Maybe get all Marvel...
  5. warfelg

    Abigail Disney slams Disney execs for taking bonuses while furloughs happen. 'Member when only SEAS was getting slammed for doing something like this? Throw Disney on the pile I guess.
  6. warfelg

    Interior design

    Saw no thread for this, figured home projects might be up with everyone home. So who’s your influence? What’s your muse? Is your place an island oasis, country living, modern farmhouse, or urban living? For those that rent, what do you do to make it feel like home? Do you buy from one line, a...
  7. warfelg

    Park Budgets, Costs, and Pricing

    And it would be great if it was a direct correlation like that. But you got to take out from that. Tram operations come from the parking budget. More parking means more tram runs, extra trams running, more wear and tear to account for, more lots open, so add on for all of that. Got to add in...
  8. warfelg

    Weight loss

    So, I didn't see a thread on here for this. (By all means if there is one move this there) Where are you in relations to goals? What's some go to lunches to help you? What's some of your activities? Do you prefer going alone or with an accountability partner?
  9. warfelg

    Concept Busch Gardens/Sesame Place/Water Country New Orleans

    ADMINS - Sorry I didn't know where else to put this. Ok so, I brought up this idea in the SPSD thread, and I wanted to flesh out the concept a bit more, and that is the concept of a Busch Gardens/Sesame Place New Orleans. Personally, I think this is a market where there's no competition, a...
  10. warfelg

    Potential expansion spaces

    So I was thinking about what came up some with the talk around expansion in the Project 2021 thread. Given it's been floated around that there's going to be more focus on attractions and less on the hamlets themselves. I took it upon myself to section off the park, overlay a few different...
  11. warfelg

    Frustration with trip planning

    Ok, so this thread is going to be a bit of a rant. For while I've been trying to plan a trip (solo) to hit up parks I either haven't been to in a while or have never stepped foot it. Personally I would love to go to WDW, but with SWGE I was waiting for that to open, then BOOM the Epcot...
  12. warfelg

    Hershey Ride Ops

    Pulling from @halfabee’s comments about ride ops, I can put some explanation to it: PA does not have a Kong’s Dominion Law, so their school week started last week. On top of that, in school year there is some strict laws on how many hours, how long, and what they can do. In fact, it’s not too...
  13. warfelg

    Enraged mother wants childless adults banned from Disney Yes the article is about Disney and I'm posting this in general Amusement Industry discussions, but for a good reason. I think this is something that I've seen happening not just at Disney but at amusement parks...
  14. warfelg

    Six Flag purchased endangered animals sans permit

    View: Where's PETA now?
  15. warfelg

    Forum Decorum: Civility and Debate

    Wow....I think this is the best place to post this: Yesterday I was out of town all day for my dad's memorial tournament (golf). I did not expect to see go down what went down. I've aways loved this place because the discussion, even when heated, was very respectful. I'm not sure what...
  16. warfelg

    WCUSA Theme Day concept

    Despite no “direct” connection to SEAS (I’m talking on the surface), I’ve been thinking of a way for WCUSA to help in improving the image of SEAS and I thought of something: The Saturday after the park closes to the public; they should open for “Bark in the Park”. No slides would be open...
  17. warfelg

    Windseeker to close during Halloweekends Somethings interesting of note: ~Other rides that don't open during Halloweekends don't have this note. ~Other rides in the area don't have this note. ~How early the note is out there. ~No reasoning as to why.
  18. warfelg

    Attraction magazine Imagineering visit Not really a perfect place for this. Not much park specific information. Biggest takeaway with WDW? DHS contract with Aerosmith is up, and it's going to be redone with some type of Marvel theme. Between that and Mission...
  19. warfelg

    Safari Village -> Blue Ridge Village

    So I've been thinking about this with V:TBC being taken out. This is the golden chance for KD to completely remake Safari Village into something new. I wouldn't mind seeing it become Blue Ridge Village, themed to the Blue Ridge Mountains in western Virginia. I-305 can maintain it's theming...
  20. warfelg

    Kayla Dies at 30 Saddened to hear this.
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