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  1. CastleOSullivan


    I just did a web search to see if those can be found anywhere else, and according to Wikipedia, it looks like that particular style of chips is very popular (and may have originated) in South Korea. Who knew?
  2. CastleOSullivan

    Existing Killarney (Ireland)

    The Enchanted Castle of Duneen seems like it was just one of the titles proposed for the show before it opened. Another early title for the show was Secrets of the Lost Castle. The significance of “Duneen” is still a mystery to me, though. It’s a real county or something like that in Ireland...
  3. CastleOSullivan

    Concepts Think Tank

    According to BGW lore, the castle itself is the portal to the fairy world, and also (I presume) the netherworld. A villain by the name of Seamus O’Sullivan was banished to the Netherworld by Morris the Conqueror. Furthermore, he vowed revenge on the O’Sullivan‘s, if ever he were set free...
  4. CastleOSullivan

    Howl-O-Scream Music

    I don’t recall them ever playing that particular song on the San Marco Bridge, but I know they play it in Festa Italia’s Sideshow Square.
  5. CastleOSullivan

    Existing Roller Coaster Tempesto

    A few days ago, Busch Gardens Tampa said that coasters would open at noon, but Tigris (a Tempesto clone) opened at 10 AM or so. So there you go; Tempesto is not considered a roller coaster, according to Busch Gardens Tampa. 😉
  6. CastleOSullivan

    Existing Roller Coaster Apollo's Chariot

    This looks like a good sign.
  7. CastleOSullivan

    Defunct Dark Ride Questor

    13 News just posted this footage of Questor's debut.
  8. CastleOSullivan

    Hamlet Theme Music

    Thanks for pointing that out! Mars is the only theme that they play. Also, since someone asked earlier in this thread; I haven’t been able to get the track playing-order yet, since at least the official theme song seems to play at random intervals. As you can imagine, that realization kind of...
  9. CastleOSullivan

    90s “Dragon” & “Earthquake” Drop Tower Concepts

    I highly doubt that the park would have put it in the Abbey Stone Theatre, since that is arguably their premier theater (and especially was at the time). Castle O’Sullivan sounds more likely to me since The Enchanted Laboratory was already long overdue for a replacement, and the theater itself...
  10. CastleOSullivan

    Busch Gardens References in Unexpected Places

    This is an old skit from Saturday Night Live. The reference is at around 3:45.
  11. CastleOSullivan

    Existing Roller Coaster InvadR

    So, InvadR does not allow riders to choose their own row ATM, and they also fill the train from back to front. Today, the first ride attendant (the one that assigns rows) told me to go to the back row. I was ecstatic, because that was the row that I’ve been wanting all season anyway. After I...
  12. CastleOSullivan

    Trapper’s Smokehouse

    I forgot to mention this earlier, but Trapper’s now serves a container of sauce with the Smokehouse Sampler again! I assume they do this with their other dishes as well.
  13. CastleOSullivan

    Darkest Theming Elements in Attractions?

    Knockturn Alley (within Diagon Alley) at Universal Studios Orlando.
  14. CastleOSullivan

    BGW Pins

    I did not expect them to give this show some love so soon.
  15. CastleOSullivan

    Event Howl-O-Scream 2020

    I’m not sure about the popularity of the show itself, but I would assume that alcohol sales are the main reason why they still haven’t gotten rid of the show. I agree that it is a pretty bad show, and worse than Williamsburg‘s production, even though it’s on a much larger scale. It’s...
  16. CastleOSullivan

    Event Howl-O-Scream 2020

    It’s still happening!
  17. CastleOSullivan

    Existing Banbury Cross (England)

    Here’s what they look like.
  18. CastleOSullivan

    Existing Roller Coaster Loch Ness Monster

    ^That’s correct. I’m still in shock over how smooth it was! I wish I would have ridden it again to see for certain that I’m not blowing this totally out of proportion, but I ran out of time. 😂 The best part is that it still retained its intensity level, minus the pain anticipation.
  19. CastleOSullivan

    2020 Coasters and Craft Brews

    It's funny that they are going for the beer theme, because seeing how the park is only partially operating, I thought they should partner up with Anheuser-Busch and temporarily call the the park Busch Light Gardens.
  20. CastleOSullivan

    Existing Roller Coaster Tempesto

    I don’t even like Tempesto that much, but that looks kind of cool. TempesTwo, anybody? 🤣
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