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  1. ControlsEE

    Defunct Ghost Town in the Sky featured in Dude Perfect Airsoft Battle 3.

    I found a new use for Darkastle...
  2. ControlsEE

    Backyard Coasters

    Just wondered if anyone here has ever, or plans on building a backyard coaster. I certainly plan on it, but will wait until I am at the place where I can do it "right," with all the bells and whistles, and have a lot more disposable income. My plans so far will probably involve a pneumatic or...
  3. ControlsEE

    Skyride Operational Changes Concept

    So last week I was at a client's facility to install vision systems at a couple of stations on their assembly lines for Zero-Turn mower transmissions. My company had installed the control system for these two particular lines back in '05, long before I worked there, but I have gotten a good look...
  4. ControlsEE

    Existing Fireworks

    Figured this would be a good spot to start this thread, as fireworks fall under the Entertainment dept at BGW and they tend to pop up at more than just "special events".
  5. ControlsEE

    Crazy Stupid Rumors

    I figured I would start this here, as they are rumors, however if it seems to fit better somewhere else, Mods, move this thread somewhere else. Anyways, I thought it could be fun to discuss and share some of the cazy rumors that we have heard from park employees or anyone else who thinks a...
  6. ControlsEE

    For the Technically Minded (And Those Who Wish They Were)

    So I thought it may be a good idea to start a thread for those who are technically minded to discuss the more technical aspects of amusement parks. If you are a person who would rather sit and watch the vertical drop at Verbolten, hang out in a maintenance bay than to ride the ride itself, or...
  7. ControlsEE

    A Little Tale about the Busch Gardens and Intamin Relationship

    [DISCLAIMER] I am going to do something rarely done on the internet: Tell the truth. The truth is that I did NOT hear this first hand, but rather second hand, a day or so after the following discussion. At BEST, this is completely true. It does make sense to me, so I don't see why I shouldn't...
  8. ControlsEE

    Ride Control Panels

    Calling all Control Panel Enthusiasts! I intend to make this thread like the thread on TPR, but focused on the control panels of Busch Gardens! There are a lot of fun ones out there and BGW gives access like no other park, so I hope to see a lot of panel pics! I will start off with the ever sexy...
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