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  1. CoasterAuditor

    Ideal and Likely Volcano Replacement Ideas

    Let’s get this statement out of the way. I don’t think anything will truly “replace” Volcano for me. It was the best ride at Kings Dominion for a long time before I305 went up in my opinion with its unique premise and how fun it was. Alright so about that replacement idea: Me personally I...
  2. CoasterAuditor

    Is KDs attendance really declining?

    I always see people on Facebook and I saw on reddit today people seem to have this consensus that Kings Dominions attendance is on the decline. Is there any validity to this? There’s not really an easy way to verify it and if they go on weekdays then yeah sure it’s going to be dead. I feel...
  3. CoasterAuditor

    Rare Scat Flat in Fredericksburg

    View: For those in the Fredericksburg area there's a rare scat ride at the carnival at the Spotsylvania Towne Centre. The reddit thread is my video I took when I found it last night. I was...
  4. CoasterAuditor

    Trip Report 10/13/18

    So about my trip to Knoebels from Saturday....... This park. THIS PARK. Wow does this place deliver and more to what I was expecting. This honestly was the first time I went to an amusement park I have not been to since 2012 and what a great place to end that dry spell. I will be joining the...
  5. CoasterAuditor

    First Trip to Knoebels Planning

    Hi Everyone! So I am planning my first ever trip to Knoebels on October 13th. Way way too excited. I am concerned with it being a Saturday and Hallo-Fun that it might be insanely packed. I am also a tad worried about how accommodating the rides are to bigger folks like myself, primarily the...
  6. CoasterAuditor

    Big & Tall at KD

    Okay so I know some of you have likely seen my posts in the TT forum about being walk of shamed on Twisted Timbers.  (I plan on taking another crack at it soon not wearing jeans and belt to see if that'll make me a little more flexible where the bar hits).  So as a point of reference I was...
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