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  1. Nora

    #KD40 Trip Report and Review

    [br] [br] With Nora's blessing, her post has been moved to and can be found here. Enjoy! [br] [br] —————————————
  2. Nora

    March 30th, 2014: Apollo's Chariot 15th Anniversary

    I'm trying to put together a little gathering of fans for the 15th Anniversary of Apollo's Chariot on Sunday March 30th. As of now the meet-up time is 11 am in front of the Apollo's Chariot entrance but depending on the opening time of Festa that day, the time may change. Make sure to join the...
  3. Nora

    Busch Gardens Quality Control Team

    I figured the forum here consists of people who really care about the park and how it looks to the General Public. We are the fan base that visits so often, we can recite ride spiels by heart and still refer to the areas of of the park by their Hamlet name and not the country. We are in...
  4. Nora

    In Regards to Unverifiable Rumors

    The Admins and Moderators at BGWFans have had long and numerous discussions on how to handle the influx of posts containing unverified rumors; whether to allow them, delete them, or edit them.   On one hand we want to keep discussions open and enjoyable without extreme interference from...
  5. Nora


    I noticed this too. I'm not sure why Facebook has added this feature but it is annoying. :(
  6. Nora

    Ultimate Insider Tour 2013

    I hope I am posting this in the right place. I finished my blog on the Insider tour that was taken this past Saturday. Our little group had a blast and here is my overview: :)
  7. Nora

    Busch Gardens In the Snow!

    Snow at Busch Gardens Williamsburg December 31, 2010 By Nora Marien When I was very little, I used to dream about what Busch Gardens Williamsburg looked like in the snow. Most kids would peer out their window and watch the falling fluffy flakes; thinking about snowball fights or building a...
  8. Nora

    It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    Christmas Town: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year By Nora Marien December 1, 2010 [attachment=1031] Last year was the first time Busch Gardens Williamsburg opened their gates for the Christmas Season; spending a fortune on lights, trees, new musical shows, and tons of merchandise...
  9. Nora

    Christmas Town 8K Dash

    I will be running in the 8K Christmas Town Dash on December 5th and decided to start a separate Thread for the event. I plan on writing a post-event wrap-up and also posting photos of the event after I recoup from running the daunting course. Also, this is the place if you wish to discuss...
  10. Nora

    My Howl-O-Scream Adventure, 2010

    Howl-O-Scream 2010, My Terrifying Adventure and Review This year I decided to venture into darkness at Busch Garden's Howl-O-Scream; the first time in a couple of years. Truth be told, despite my love for the holiday and the overabundance of spooky decor at my home, I still become nervous when...
  11. Nora

    The Wolf Has a New Home!

    I was sent a link today; a very special link. Here is a photo of the Wolf in It's New Home.!/photo.php?pid=171459&id=133474440032012&ref=fbx_album Thanks to the National Roller Coaster...
  12. Nora

    Remembering the Big Bad Wolf

    Remembering the Big Bad Wolf [attachment=926] It’s been a year since the official closing of Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Big Bad Wolf roller coaster; a thrill ride that operated for 25 years and carried over 29,000,000 guests. The ride was considered by many enthusiasts to be the best...
  13. Nora

    Night Time Coaster Tours

    Hi, just an update that now the park is offering after hours night time coaster tours. The check-n is at 7:30pm and will cover all the information and perks that the daytime tour offers including the ride and walk around at the top of Griffon! The cost is the same and now there is a discount...
  14. Nora

    The Fixx Concert

    Got my 80's FIXX at the Busch Gardens Free Concert Series!! August 1, 2010 Apparently my concert experiences thus far have either been plagued by insane heat or by miserable rain. Doesn't surprise me really; I am always the one to have bad luck when it comes to weather. Still, I cannot be...
  15. Nora

    The Bangles Concert

    The Bangles July 25th, 2010 Around 3pm, I decided to head out early to avoid the inevitable back-up that always plagues my trips up I-64 to Busch Gardens. My early bird efforts resulted in smooth sailing to the park besides getting stuck behind some slow-pokes once or twice. At 108 degrees, I...
  16. Nora

    B52's Concert

    Rock'n with the B-52's A Fantastic Start To Busch Gardens Summer Concert Series Today was a highly anticipated concert for me. Growing up in the 80's, it was hard to miss the unique sound of a band called the B-52's. Technically, the band was labeled "New Wave" in the 80's. Yet if you asked...
  17. Nora


    IllumiNights at Busch Gardens Williamsburg ~ Don't Miss It! By Nora Marien July 4th, 2010 [attachment=811] Ah IllumiNights; at last it has arrived. For most of the late spring, Busch Gardens Williamsburg teased us with a bombardment of TV commercials, miscellaneous ads and signs around the...
  18. Nora

    Destination Europe in the Air 5/22/10

    Europe in the Air, which in my opinion, is the most accurate title of any ride in the world. Basically you are pretending to be up in the air and well, that's all folks. Like I said, accurate title. Reaching Ireland, I had to cover my eyes in horror as someone in the park's upper management...
  19. Nora

    Requests to the Park

    Hi there, I know we all make requests and write letters to the park. Let's track all of our requests here. I just posted one on the blog (I saw Swiftman's post there, I believe you too Chris) Here is my first request that I have sent as of today 3/26/10: Hey there, I know I have...
  20. Nora

    Commercials and Ads

    Ok, here is a new Thread where we can discuss commercials and ads for BGW. Let us start with the new 2010 ad. Here is the video:[hr] Ok, here is my review of the 2010 ad (be prepared- it is a bit harsh). Hate to say it and be so critical...
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