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    Stand up Comedy

    Any big stand up comedy fans here? I watch stand up specials on netflix, comedy central, or anywhere else I can find them at any chance I can get. I love finding comedians that I can watch their shows over and over again without it getting old. So, anyone else love this stuff?
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    Robin Williams Dies at Age 63

    Various media outlets are reporting that Robin Williams, 63, is dead from an apparent suicide RIP :(
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    2014 ParkFans March Madness Tournament

    Anyone up for this again? Last years was fun but we need more people this year.
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    Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World?

    Simple, which resort you prefer and why? I prefer DLR because of the originality of it and its attractions are much better. They have a better Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Pirates, and haunted Mansion IMO. Also, it doesn't feel too thinly spread out like I feel WDW is, both parks have a...
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    18+ nights

    OK, so we have been arguing over the discussion of kids and teens at HOS and the possibility of an 18+ event for years, but NOBODY can agree on it. Now, what do you guys think of this idea? This idea is the general concept of having some nights of HOS per the usual open to everyone but a...
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    Why do you love Busch Gardens Williamsburg?

    There has been so much negativity and sadness on the forums in the last 36 hours that I believe we should have a thread dedicated to positive thoughts. Simple, why do you love the park? I love it because it is a place where I can spend time with my friends and family without stress, ride roller...
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    What Happened?

    I've been thinking lately, that when I became of BGWfans over a year ago that it seemed like the park was going into its golden age. Looking back on things like the brewery thread, the resort thread, and the 2014 coaster rumor. What happened to everything over the past 6 months? The resort...
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    Transformers and Springfield review

    I know I was just at UOR in April but it looks like I'll be back again for one day only as a cruise I am going on in late July stops in Cape Canaveral and I'm heading to Universal for the day to see Transformers and springfield, things I THOUGHT I wouldn't see for a year or 2. So, expect a trip...
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    New Dave and Busters to open in VA Beach

    Saw this the other day, it looks like a brand new Dave and Busters arcade will open at the Lynnhaven Mall in Virginia Beach. It will be replacing The Furniture Mart near Dicks Sporting goods and Barnes and Nobles. It looks like quite a large space, it's only like 10 minutes away from my house...
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    Pompeii Removal/Replacement

    Escape from Pompeii IMO is on its way out, and seeing that its isolated from the rest of Italy, I think it would make a great location for a new country. EFP takes up a relatively large space and the space next to it has the opportunity to be expanded to. I think this would be a great location...
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    The WWE thread

    Okay, I cant be the only person who likes the WWE and professional wrestling. I just started watching a few months ago but its becoming addictive. I just bought tickets to an independent show in Norfolk in June. So, any fellow WWE lovers out here? BTW, I know its fake :p
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    Breaking News

    Thought it would be a good idea to have a thread dedicated to reporting breaking news. I have family in Boston, thankfully everyone is OK. Still pretty horrible
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    Single Rider Lines

    Has anyone seen these open in a while? The only one I see Consistently open is on Griffon. I think they should have these on most rides and open all the time.
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    Cedar Fair: Good or Bad?

    About five years ago Cedar Fair purchased Kings Dominion from Paramount. This has brought several changes to how Kings Dominion is run, mainly the exclusion of characters in rides bases off of Paramount movies such as Scooby Doo, Tomb Raider, and the Italian Job. So, My question to you is, Is...
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    The WORST restaurant in the park

    What is your least favorite restaurant in the park? Mine is Squires Grill, they never have anything good there....
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    The public education system

    Splitting this off from the politics thread Right now, My school(First Colonial High) is breaking out in chaos because of the unfair firing of a teacher....
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    Disney bans ages 14 and under from entering parks alone I think this is a rule we could see spreading to other parks.
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    Ocean Breeze adding breeze pass and free tubes for 2013 According to Ocean Breeze's website they will have trams to take guests to the park from the parking lot. This is a good thing IMO, that walk can be brutal in the hot sun!
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    Staying on Site

    Has anyone stayed on site before? More specifically, the Hard Rock? Is it as good as it sounds? :p
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    Ways to improve the parks dining

    The park does have food to correlate with the country the restaurant is located in, but I feel that a change to an Epcot style of food would be great, what I mean is having much fresher food with a couple of sit down places. instead of squire's grill quality fish have Yorkshire Fish company...
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