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  1. Peter R.

    Anheuser-Busch donates 65 acres in upper York County to the Civil War Trust,0,574167,print.story
  2. Peter R.

    Suspicious package detonated near SeaWorld Orlando,0,5381903,print.story Also worth noting they had a similar scare at the Jacksonville Airport. (MOD EDIT: Title changed to reflect updated story clarifying it did not happen at the park.)
  3. Peter R.

    Attraction Kingda Ka

    I am sure everyone read today's Screamscape blurb about the boy who was Fabioed at SF Great Adventure. But the question arises do you think SF Great Adventure will react as BGW did and install something to try to prevent another incident like this ( yes it is a freak incident but my opinion is...
  4. Peter R.

    March 31, 2012

    Anyone planning on heading up to the park this weekend and would want to do a meetup? I know Saturday has the possibility of having large crowds ( due to the kids on Spring Break) and rain but I myself plan on seeing if there are any further development on Verbolten. Update: I realized by...
  5. Peter R.

    RFID "Turnstiles" at Epcot

    Disney has come up with a turnstiles-less RFID system. Check out the thread here. Could this sort of system benefit BGW?
  6. Peter R.

    50% off Colonial Williamsburg Tickets

    Didn't know if anyone mentioned the 50% off a single day admission you can get from Colonial Williamsburg the month of April.
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