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  1. Fur Dozy

    Attraction Kissimmee Mine Blower

    Fun spot in Kissimmee announced a new wooden coaster from Gravity group with 11 airtime hills, a barrel roll, and max height of 82 feet. Orlando Sentinel This is my most anticipated ride of 2017. Not only because it is gonna be 30 mins away from me, but because it seems to have the best...
  2. Fur Dozy

    SeaWorld Uses Paper Straws

    When I was at SWO last Saturday I kindly asked for a straw at lunch. I was met with the reply that there are no straws at the park for "animal safety". Unfortunately, this meant that I had to consume my slushy like a barbarian. Oddly enough on Sunday, I grabbed some pizza from a place in Orlando...
  3. Fur Dozy

    The Fannies

    All this talk about rep has made me think of something. What if there were a system to recognize outstanding achievements in the forum. Every once and a while there is a post that is, basically, a pretty big deal. Things that come to mind are the crowd calendar, excellent reviews, or a park...
  4. Fur Dozy

    Invasion of the Merboy Army

    I did not expect such a sudden and unprovoked act of such aggression. The forums will never be the same with an agent of merboy watching over every post. The time to overthrow is now! Before merboy attains full control! For real though, what's with the merboy gifs after every post?
  5. Fur Dozy

    Event Food and Wine Festival 2016

    I thought I would give my opinion on the food and wine festival for this year. The following will be a bit unusual, as I will review the event, but not especially the food. I am by no means a culinary expert and so I do not feel as though it would help many for me to go into great detail on such...
  6. Fur Dozy

    Dozy's NoLimits Coaster Thread

    Post your NoLimits Coasters here! Could be a recreation of a favorite, a concept for a future ride, or even just a neat original idea. I've been using the program(s) for several years and can give feedback and advice, and It'd be great to receive the same. For Starters, here's my projection...
  7. Fur Dozy

    News Busch Gardens Tampa Offers Free Guest Ticket on Birthday

    Apparently Busch gardens Tampa is now offering a free guest ticket for passmembers on their birthday.  This is ironically only listed as far as I can tell on their fun card page. It is unclear whether this is available to platinum passholders as a whole. I'll be sure to check the next time I get...
  8. Fur Dozy

    ParkFans Affiliations

    I was gone for a long time and I missed quite a bit. I can't seem to find what caused the split of PF with the main blog sites. I assume it might have to do with allowing free speech in the forums while trying to build relations with the parks of the blog sites? What is the current structure...
  9. Fur Dozy

    Passmember Preview Meetup

    You guys can go ahead and iron it out. I'm going to Bethel Airsoft that afternoon (I'm busy in the morning too), so I won't be there.
  10. Fur Dozy

    Fur's Feb 2011 Trip

    It was Friday, five days into a trip to Orlando with the family and our tickets to Disney had expired the day before. For me, a thrill lover, I was thinking of this day all week. In line for Space Mountain, after riding Big (or little) Thunder Mountain Railroad. Even after riding decent rides...
  11. Fur Dozy

    [NoLimits] Vulcan

    That's the new coaster that I'm making. It has a top speed of 55mph and will be multi-launching. As for the rest you'll have to guess for now.
  12. Fur Dozy

    Screen Capture

    I'm looking for a good free screen capturing program that will get me good frame rate and compression. Obviously if it has open codecs, a good codec suggestion would be useful. If you know of any good cheap ones, I'm not too much of a cheapskate.
  13. Fur Dozy

    Social Media

    I just figured that if you don't already, you should check out the park's FB page. It's quite humorous. From obese people whine cause it's not safe to ride coasters, to KD fans Trolling, its fun to look at how some people these days just can't understand common decency. P.S. I'm the dude...
  14. Fur Dozy

    Competitive Bumper Cars

    I'm sure there are a number of ways to do this, but I found a certain way to score it that makes it very strategic, and fun. Here's how it goes: 1.Everyone in your group picks cars that are in comparable positions, as far as nearby cars and how far away from the ends of the arena(long way)...
  15. Fur Dozy

    Contest: Fur Dozy's Origin

    Okay, I just thought it'd be interesting to see some people take a stab. It does have a source, it didn't just come to me. The nice thing is that for some reason, no matter where I go, it seems to be available. Even on Xbox Live, just pop in those 7 letters and it's always available. Now...
  16. Fur Dozy


    I know it's kinda soon but i have it on good authority that there will be a coaster built for/during the 2014 season. I was not given any other details, not even location. But there is good reason to believe this. It is not only in line with the schedule, but there have been rumors for awhile...
  17. Fur Dozy

    Busch Gardens Golden Age

    I along with many other people feel that alot of the changes made to the park are more hurt than help. This, however doesn't mean that the park isn't getting better. Just that it isn't as good as it used to be. I think we will all see our own "golden ages" of the park. So I just figured I...
  18. Fur Dozy

    I CaNZ BreAk dAH RulEZ!!!!!!!1!!!!1!!

    Ever want to post an anoyingly over punctuated remark? Wanna post something stupid and call it fact? this is your chance!!!!!!1!!!1!!! This is the thread where there are no rules, and the ones there are can be broken(please refrain from vulgarities or other rude conduct). And as a side note...
  19. Fur Dozy

    Operation Wolf Ersatz

    I recently realized the sheer size of the "Big Bad Wolf Replacement" thread so I figured I would put a short article together that outlines all that has happened to the area since the closure of the Big Bad Wolf on labor day of 2009. Operation Wolf Ersatz: August 2010 Recap On September 7...
  20. Fur Dozy

    Le Mans is Still Alive!

    I was looking on Google Maps this morning to see how much room there was for a ride or something in the future between Ireland and England when I caught a glint of bright yellow. There is (and has been for a while) a small area behind Festhaus Park, near the Rhine, that has had some...
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