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  1. Eric

    2020 Taste of Busch Gardens

    So I may have found something... (All of this was done just by searching through BGW's website for a bit, I didn't like hack them or have insider information or anything in case anyone was curious)
  2. Eric

    Zoo Days: Bayside BBQ and Brews
  3. Eric

    Partnership with CoasterDynamix

    SEAS is finally partnering with CoasterDynamix and making coaster models. I'm personally excited for the Loch ness Moster and Mako one myself. Link to SeaWorld Shop, where pre-orders are currently available to anyone interested or wanting to see what coasters they picked.(or you could just wait...
  4. Eric

    News Bob Chapek Named CEO, "Effective Immediately"

    Well this is a surprise...
  5. Eric

    Inside Look 2020

    This is the event at SeaWorld Orlando that allows guests to go behind the scenes to certain areas of the park for free and see how SeaWorld operates their park and exhibits, and how they deal with the animals that are in their care or that are rescued by them. Jack Hanna will also be there on...
  6. Eric

    Event Howl-O-Scream 2019

    I have been scrolling through the website for this event and was very surprised to find out how similar it looked compared to the event in Williamsburg and to some extent Tampa. They even have a Ripper Row, Monster Stomp show, and they have stuff that the Busch parks events don't have anymore as...
  7. Eric

    Terminator 2: 3D is closing forever October 8th

    Yet another closure is coming to Universal Orlando, and this time Terminator 2: 3D is on the chopping block. Although this is certainly not the best show at the resort, it will be missed.(at least by me) What "live action experience based on a high energy Universal Franchise" do you think...
  8. Eric

    Removal of Dragon Challenge

    Get your last rides on this iconic set of coasters while you can. Also, what do you think the new ride that will replace it be like?
  9. Eric

    2017 Christmas Town

    What are your thoughts on this year's Christmas Town? Do you think InvadR will be added to this year's lineup? Do you think any shows will get replaced?
  10. Eric

    SeaWorld resident camp 2017 review

    Earlier this summer, I got the opportunity to spend a week at SeaWorld resident camp(10th through 12th grade). This was a week filled lots of rain and early park closures yet I still had lots of fun and would highly recommend it.  Some of the things you get to do During the week is you get to...
  11. Eric

    Men in Black: Alien Attack

    MIB - probably one of the best shooter rides in the world What are your thoughts? What is your high score :P ?
  12. Eric

    Project 2018: Battle for Eire (VR Attraction)

    Here is a video of the new attraction coming in 2018 thats replacing EITA! WOwIatwWXpQ and here(incase the link above doesnt work):
  13. Eric

    News SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

    Link to the story here I think this is some great news that they are actually going through with building a new park. Also, I hope the park is still shaped like Shamu lol Ike the one that was originally planned for Dubai, because that would be pretty cool.
  14. Eric

    Disney and SeaWorld fighting ticket fraud/ SeaWorld getting rid of finger scanners.

    Looks like both Disney and SeaWorld are both trying to get those pesky fake tickets out of the market. Also though, and I think this is some bigger news, is that SeaWorld is following in Busch Gardens footsteps next year and switching to a photo system! This will be great when it get really...
  15. Eric

    Attraction Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster

    It is now officially confirmed, with a video, featuring Carl Lum!SxaITK61y8w
  16. Eric

    Seaworld Parks 2017

    Heroes an article of what someone believes*(not official) will come to SeaWorld parks in 2017. Honestly, all these things are really cool and would be fantastic if they did them, but I don't see a lot of it happening as their already doing sea rescue rides next year. Link...
  17. Eric

    2017 Ride Announcements

    IBMQ5HvPW0s I feel like this is generally a meh year for coasters, but I like some of the new flats and the fact that they at least adding 3 coasters. Thoughts?
  18. Eric

    Wildwater Kingdom to close sept. 5!

    Its sad to say but Geauga lakes counter-part is closing for good. Thoughts?
  19. Eric

    News Project: 2017

    hope that enterprise goes to kings dominion.
  20. Eric

    Event Island Nights

    Aquatica is having there summer event where they are open until 8 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. And also a free coke product for pass members. Beware: Do NOT go to aquatica between 11 and 4 o clock on friday, Saturday, and sunday, every time I have tried to go this month the park was at capacity...
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