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    Bomb Threat at BGW

    I just came across this while making the afternoon news round.  This is pathetic, I hope they get the person and throw the book at them! [tweet=] Picture from in the park. [tweet=]
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    TEA / AECOM 2013 Attendance Estimates Released BGW down 4.5% SWO down 5.0% SWSD down 3.0% BGT down 6.0% Hate to say I told you expect at least a 4% drop in BGW but I told you so.  Cuts across the board in the BGT. SWO, and BGW markets are what hurt them.  Couple that with a sharp...
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    Your Favorite Budweiser Commercial

    Matthew's post in the Stables thread gave me the idea to fire this topic up.  Three have my winning chad. J3eQmzw6n3k The remake Px5YcOeQB4I And lastly, this one from 2012. I used to ride horses and you really do build a connection with them. E0HI4DAmVDo
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    SpreePark; Berlin, Germany

    History Stunning Photoset
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    SeaWorld doing its thing. In BUSY fashion.

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    Comcast Buys Rest of GE NBCU Stake

    The cards are dealt. Ding ding ding!
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    Vote BGWFans For BTT Best Fansite!

    If you do not then neg rep will ensue.
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    One Pot Swat~ TWDC Purchases LucasFilm LTD

    No more creative control snags for TWDC and WDI on expanding these properties in the parks.
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    GlowStand V2.0 HoS

    Maybe I can get Swift to put a photo in the post for those to see. Let's poll. Any better? I feel that the HoS stands are much better. They look cool lit up at night with what appears to be black lights and have a pop to them that fits. It looks like some thought went into them. I have...
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    Pass Member Appreciation Weekend 2012

    Pass Member Appreciation Weekend September 8 & 9 Exclusive Event The first 1,500 annual pass members to arrive at Das Festhaus by 10:30am on Saturday, September 8th, will be given an exclusive preview to this year's Howl-O-Scream and Christmas Town events as well as anything else that they...
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    Coaster Safety Fallbacks

    Alright, here is a thread that should develop in an interesting fashion. We have all of course thought of different scenarios with a coaster that have made us think 'Could that happen?' Let's have a discussion on possible far out scenarios that you have wondered about and piece the safety...
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    How Gaudy Is This? [Caution: Eye Burning Content Within]

    After a quick visit to the park today I figured that I would get another glance at this glowstand that has been installed in Italy. I mainly wanted to get another look at the stand to see if I was being unfair in my earlier evaluations of this merchandise location. Even moreso I wanted another...
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    News Near Death With Orca 2006 RAW Footage Released. From Carlos Jemino's YouTube I have seen this show nearing 100 times. I never witnessed any of this. From the trainers I have spoke to and one that I know they all know and understand the risks and are more than willing to accept...
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    Concept Art For Antarctica More write-up and art through the link.
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    Concerts 2012

    Since the Official list is out I am creating a new thread with facts and discussions on the park listed schedule. It will make it easier for new viewers and potential members to view the schedule in an OP vs. weeding through a predominately speculative one. List first posted by Newsie here...
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    Coaster Track Being Manufactured In US

    This popped up on a Disney forum. I found it fairly interesting. It is confirmed not Uni for Gringott's but iffy on Monster's Inc that has been long rumored. It is not BGT as it was confirmed by a Florida source I have. Any thoughts? It will be a central Florida coaster...
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    Some Rare Magic Kingdom Construction Footage

    It really shows what all went into building such an amazing park that paved the way for others! Video courtesy of Steve at WDWMagic.
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    Cedar Point Visit

    Anyone been there? I have a chance to visit my friend who lives near King's Island but three hours from CP. Would it be worth the three hours to go there for their Haunts and coasters?
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    Verbolten (Project Announcement Fall 2011 Through Opening Discussion August 2012)

    ————————————— This post will be updated by all the forum mods as more information comes out about the coaster. If you see or know something about the coaster that you think should be added to this post, private message Zachary. ————————————— Old Threads: Original 2012 rumors thread that started all the way back...
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    Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster

    Pretty cool in my opinion. As a WDW regular I am stoked about this ride! The experience should be one of a kind. The imagineers hit some bumps in the road for the ride vehicles but ultimately pulled it off.
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