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    Existing Howl-O-Scream Monster Stomp on Ripper Row

    I just caught this show for the first time this season. I'm not sure if anything was changed from last year. The show is at its best when it completely abandons the Jack the Ripper story altogether in favor of the more straight up "stomp" and dance elements. It's a decent show, entertaining...
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    Time Magazine's Top Ten Parks -

    Seriously. I don't know how you leave out Uni/IoA but have time for CnC and Canobie Lake. Plus, apparently Carowinds is entirely Peanuts themed. Isn't Time supposed to have somewhat reputable journalism?
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    Existing Flat Ride Finnegan's Flyer

    Got my first ride on this on Saturday. I liked it. I figured you all were dying to know.
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    Project 2019: Finnegan's Flyer (S&S Screamin' Swing)

    I find all this talk of safety spiels over the last few pages interesting. It's very funny to me how often enthusiasts know so little about the rides they think to be self-proclaimed experts about. Safety spiels are almost never automatically attached to a ride cycle, they're typically started...
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    Project 2021: Jurassic World VelociCoaster

    I don't know whose brilliant idea it was to design Acrophobia like that, but it was one of the more painful ride experiences I've endured. The motorbike seats sounded really cool, but I'll gladly trade out a little less theming for overall comfort.
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    Project 2021: Jurassic World VelociCoaster

    This looks to be a great addition for IoA. I've seen some comments from others around the web questioning the necessity of this attraction with the new HP coaster coming this year. As a coaster enthusiast, I'll never complain about any new coaster announcement, but I also think the park could...
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    Defunct Roller Coaster Volcano: The Blast Coaster

    I think he's saying that the initial launch blasted you around the corner and the second launch run gave you the extra speed to actually get over the top. I'm not the biggest fan of this ride as I think it never lived up to its potential; I'm one who would say that it is too short and you come...
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    Hotel Bookings

    As others have said, it's typically late June when bookings appear online. You may have luck calling them and asking if you can do bookings over the phone, since you are well inside the normal 499 day window for making reservations, especially if you are looking for certain packages. The last...
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    Existing Roller Coaster Twisted Timbers

    I think zippered loose article bags on seat backs should become a new standard on roller coasters. They are incredibly convenient, safe, and typically more efficient. Load times may be slowed on TT due to this addition, but that's only because of the Nazi loose article policy this ride had in...
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    On Capacity & Riders Per Hour

    Apollo's actually holds 36 riders per train, in nine rows of four. It's not surprising that Verbolten has the best capacity. It has a dual loading station and run 40% more trains at a time than any other coaster in the park. Notice how much the line takes a hit when only one station is...
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    Project 2021: Pantheon

    Trust me, I understand the differences between the airtime camelback heavy layout of Intimidator and the lower to the ground speed and quick turn focused layout of Fury. I think it's fair to say, though, that the appeal of Intimidator is greatly reduced after riding Fury. Sure, there are...
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    Project 2021: Pantheon

    I don't want a bigger Apollo. I'm admittedly a huge B&M fanboy, but I wouldn't want a B&M giga installed at BGW. Someone further up was mentioning how different Intimidator and Fury are at Carowinds, but frankly as soon as Fury opened, I haven't had much interest in Intimidator; they're...
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    Project 2021: Pantheon

    This is a very disappointing development as far as I'm concerned. The enthusiast in me would love a giga at BGW. Soaring With Dragon is an interesting ride, and a definite upgrade over a normal shuttle coaster, but I don't think it's a great fit at BGW. The first part of the ride is very...
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    News Project 2019: Kings Mills Antique Autos

    I know people have different tastes, but what rides at BGW aren't quite as good as at KD? KD is the better park to choose for volume of coasters, but given the amount of rides they have, they really only have a few good ones. No more than the amount of good ones in BGW's lineup.
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    Project 2019: Finnegan's Flyer (S&S Screamin' Swing)

    From the drawing it looks like the swing will interact with some kind of castle structure, which will give it a more interesting element than other swings and some better theming than these rides typically have. If BGW does this right, it will be a great addition. I've been a huge fan of these...
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    Existing Roller Coaster Loch Ness Monster

    Yep, the eyes my group and I saw in the cave were yellow.
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    Existing Roller Coaster Loch Ness Monster

    Yep, there's a growl and a pair of eyes in that tunnel now. I wish it was a bit more extensive, but it's better than the empty blackness it was for years prior.
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    Project 2021: Pantheon

    I think that one has something to do with the fact that it had a rough first season, was closed down for a while for trim brakes to be installed on the drop, and caused so many people to pass out. As it is, that first turn is still too intense for a lot of people. I-305 is only world class...
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    Existing Trapper's Village (French Canada)

    There's actually still one tucked away in the backside of Norfolk Naval Base on 7th off Bellinger. Not a lot of people know about it.
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    Steel Vengeance Opening Day - 2018 Trip Report

    There's been a lot in the news this weekend about SV's opening day at Cedar Point. I made the long up and back trip to Cedar Point this weekend to check it out on opening day. This marked just my second trip ever to CP, and my first in six years, so the anticipation was great. Warning: this...
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