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  1. J

    Busch Gardens California?

    Was not aware this even existed.
  2. J

    Locker Policies

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that Disney offers free lockers at the Kali River Attraction. You got 2 hours of free lockers rental. They are very similar to the new BGW style lockers so I was familiar with the process. With all of the extra fees that Disney has been adding recently, it...
  3. J

    New sign for summer evening stuff?

    I appologize if this has been discussed. I saw this sign this weekend. Anyone know what will be going here or what this means? ETA: this is in the area if the old cabanas and animal habitats, behind the first aid building
  4. J

    Noticed some Cabana Changes

    The cabana information is back on the site. I noticed two changes. 1. Cabanas are now good for 4 people and not 8. 2. Cabanas now come with 1 meal voucher per person. These changes are actually a good thing for my family since we only have four people. Not sure how others will see...
  5. J

    Are cabanas gone here as well?

    Can't find them on their site. Are they gone or just not on the site at the moment. Wanted to check out the pricing but can't seem to locate the info. Tried both on passmember page and upgrade your visit page.
  6. J

    $6 all day refill at BGW?

    We are in FL parks now and they have something that is not advertised. You can bring back all day refill cups and reactivate them for another day. The cost is only $6. Does anyone know if this works at BGW. Seems like a good idea. I thought the other way was too wastefull since i was always...
  7. J

    Is paid express park entry coming here?

    I just saw this on Sea World's website.  SeaWorld Orlando Express Park Entry.  After seeing all of the reports on facebook about the lack of staffing for park tickets this weekend, I wonder if this could be coming up here.  I was shocked by the photos of the lines to get tickets at the park this...
  8. J

    2017 Breakfast with Jack Hanna

    We are going to go the the Breakfast with Jack Hanna this weekend. We usually use the employee/platinum parking entrance when we go. Since the parking lot opens at 8:30 for this event, does anyone know if we should go to the main parking entrance or still use the employee/platinum entrance?
  9. J

    New Ultimate thrills quick queue ($555)

    Just notice a new quick queue option. The ultimate thrills quick queue for $555. This does not interest me because I don't go down there enough for it to be worth the cost. I am sure some will take advantage. All Extras
  10. J

    Bring a Friend Passes for 2017

    Has anyone heard if they will be bringing back the free bring a friend passes this year?  Is this something that usually gets announced at pass member appreciation day?
  11. J

    Not Another Rainy Holiday Weekend

    I have not had any luck this year as far as the weather goes.  We always go down for the holiday weekends.  So far this year it has rained for part of our trip Memorial day weekend.  Then again for July 4th weekend.  After that, a hurricane caused us to cancel labor day plans.  Now it is looking...
  12. J

    Tips for Day trips with younger kids in October

    Was wondering what would be operational for our 6 & 8 year old kids to enjoy if we decided to head to BGW in October. They are 48 and 52 inches tall. We would leave before it gets dark since we know it would be too intense for them. Any shows that run in the early part of the day that are kid...
  13. J

    Anyone charged to redeem bring a friend passes?

    When I initially redeemed my summer bring a friend passes for BGW in May, I was charged a convenience fee of something like 5.99.  This week, I redeemed my water country and extended spring BGW bring a friend passes.  I was surprised that this week I was not charged a convenience fee.  My...
  14. J

    How to redeem Summer bring a Friend?

    Does anyone have a link or know how to redeem the summer bring a friend free passes? When I log in with my username and password or my barcode, the only option is the Spring bring a friend for free. I thought the summer option would be available after the 22nd. I guess not. Any help is...
  15. J

    Any chance for a Platinum Photot Key annual pass

    Anybody know if they have plans for a platinum photokey annual pass that would work at all of the parks like my Platinum annual pass?  All of the parks we have visited offer annual photokey options.  But they are only good for the local park.  SeaWorld's can be used in aquatica but not BGT or...
  16. J

    Buy One, Get One Beer Question

    I was reading a trip report today.  The poster mentioned that they got a B1G1 deal on beer.  I beleive Bill stated that that was a prmotion related to the all day dinning plan.  Is the promotion for B1G1 beer still going on or has that been discontinued?
  17. J

    Tips for First Visit with Young Kids

    We are going to be going to Busch Gardens Tampa, Sea World, and one of the SEAS water parks. We are not doing Disney parks this trip. We will be staying on Hotel plaza blvd since we like downtown disney and also found a really good deal online. Unfortunately, we will be going on the Monday...
  18. J

    BGW Platinum Discounts in Tampa question

    We are going to be heading down to Orlando/Tampa this spring break to make use of our Platinum passes.  I was wondering if we can use our passes in the parks for discounts on tours or food while we are at the park.  When I sign in to the passmember site for BGT, the only discounts I see are for...
  19. J

    Are Busch Gardens Cabanas Gone?

    I was checking the passholder discounts page today and noticed that cabanas were no longer on the list of available discounts. I then checked the upgrade your visit section of the regular busch gardens page and did not see them there either. Does anyone know if the cabanas have been removed...
  20. J

    Platinum Pass Redemption

    I am looking to get my kids platinum passes this year for our trip to Florida durring spring break. My wife and I already have platinum passes. Is there any way to get BGW to mail activated platinum passes without actually going to the park first? It looks like the only day we could get to...
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