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  1. Wooemwoemeht

    COVID-19 Impacts on Kings Dominion

    I just don't see how any theme park will be able to open this year. With the obvious social distancing not ended no time soon and with the new sanitation guidelines from CDC, how can they do it? Haunt is more than likely not happening this year along with Winterfest and if they do open, they...
  2. Wooemwoemeht

    Grain & Grill Replacing Panda Express for 2020

    Negative, you can take your beverage throughout Kings Dominion now. It used to be that you had to keep it on the patio at the place you purchased it at but that changed a few years ago.
  3. Wooemwoemeht

    2019 Halloween Haunt

    Cost would be nothing, I'm getting there at open and I expect low attendance since the fair is opening tonight. I'll let you know once I secure one.
  4. Wooemwoemeht

    Advice for Halloween Haunt

    That's how I was when I was a scareactor a few years ago. You come into my house (maze) then everyone is fair game. Kids- fair game Wheelchairs - fair game....
  5. Wooemwoemeht

    2019 Halloween Haunt

    I'll be at haunt tonight and I saw on their facebook page that the 1st 2000 passholders get a Volcano pin. I'm not a pin collector but if someone would like it, i can get you one.
  6. Wooemwoemeht

    2019 Howl-O-Scream

    Went Sunday and park attendance was not bad so able to get through everything pretty quick. In years past, we get to the park early and attend shows during the day and do mazes and scare zones at night but this year there were no shows except for Night Beats and we didnt bother with Jack's...
  7. Wooemwoemeht

    Member Rewards

    Drinks are on Busch this Sunday!!! Thanks for the info everyone. Looking forward to HoS this weekend. Yeah it might not be up to par but my buddy and I still have a great time. Rides in the morning followed by watching football in the pub then HoS at night.
  8. Wooemwoemeht

    Member Rewards

    Thanks for the quick responses and I have one follow-up question. I have 5 memberships and we haven't been this summer due to kids being involved in something every day of the week. I'm going Sunday for HoS and I'm the only one going, if I took all their passes and got the $10 voucher for...
  9. Wooemwoemeht

    Member Rewards

    I apologize in advance if this has been answered somewhere else and I did look but is the Busch Bucks good for an ice cold hoppy beverage or only merchandise?
  10. Wooemwoemeht

    Advice for Halloween Haunt

    My wife also isn't a fan of HoS or Haunt so my buddy and I go to both annually for the past 6 years. We always go to Haunt the first Friday that its open and HoS the first Sunday.The crowds are usually pretty low which means you can go through all the mazes and ride most of the rides in the 5...
  11. Wooemwoemeht

    Crazy Stupid Rumors

    Truth...... worked BWB back in the 90s and I was on the stand and saw people having sex and I was like WTF. The stuff I saw and found in BWB is why I don't swim in wave pools to this day.
  12. Wooemwoemeht

    Existing Roller Coaster Verbolten

  13. Wooemwoemeht

    Existing Roller Coaster Verbolten

    What’s up with the picture of verboten on BGs Facebook page with “Goodbye”?!?!?
  14. Wooemwoemeht

    2019 Howl-O-Scream

    If BGW does it right, they could design the Fiend nurses In Vault around the Silent Hill nurses. Also even though BGWs HoS announcement might of been sad for folks on here, they will still make LOTS of money this HoS season.
  15. Wooemwoemeht

    2019 Halloween Haunt

    Rumor has it that obviously zombie high is no longer teaching classes, lair is no more, and that they are bringing two new scare zones for 2019. I don't believe anything will be going into zombie high probably because of the AC issue in the building. A lot of scare actors that were in ZH last...
  16. Wooemwoemeht

    2018 Halloween Haunt

    We always go the first friday that Haunt is open for the past few years and the crowd is usually not that bad because the state fair is opening that day as well. No need for Fright Lane passes on Fridays until closer to Halloween.
  17. Wooemwoemeht

    Quick Questions & Answers

    Does any of the pubs at BGW have TVs that show live games? Plan on going Sunday if they are open and if it does start raining then at least we can watch a game for a few or even catch one of the shows during the day.
  18. Wooemwoemeht

    2018 Howl-O-Scream

    I'm thinking that this weekend not be a bust for HoS especially on Sunday. Probably will be overcast with chances of rain but I think the park will be open as long as the track of Florence continues its southern track through SC and even GA.
  19. Wooemwoemeht

    2017 Halloween Haunt

    Kings Dominion thought the same as well being that Zombie High did win maze of the night for Saturday night.
  20. Wooemwoemeht

    2017 Howl-O-Scream

    Have yet to experience Haunt and HOS this season but will partake in both this weekend.  Each event has their plus and minuses.  I love the HoS atmosphere when I'm there and the crowd is usually more pleasant.  The mazes are well done however the scares are usually not there.  I would say that...
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