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    Pantopia Vs Oktoberfest

    Recently i was thinking about how similar these areas are. Both have a massive indoor eatery, pretzel bakery, Drop tower, have housed the same wild mouse coaster, and even have similar midway games. Which area do you prefer and why?
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    News Kissimmee Project 2019/2020: Hurricane

    I just read that fun spot in Kissimmee is getting what is essentially the worlds tallest kiddie coaster and i couldnt be happier.
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    Attraction Existing Capital Railways

    Does anybody know more about the history of this attraction and why there is this currently hilarious attempt happening?
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    The Restraint Game

    Ok, so this is a personal peeve of mine. I often see or hear of folks complaining about getting stapled, or restraints that hold you snugly in the seat. Some go as far as to describe airtime as only when you can physically leave your seat. I respect a good restraint that doesn't leave you...
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    Personal Stocks and Investments

    Thread for talking what stocks you have and are trading. Feel free to post if curious or post your crazy ventures. I currently have SEAS, AMD, and T. T is a great div stock. AMD and SEAS are my gambles. I'd mention others(from the past) but I want to post real time as I buy and sell. I...
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    Rank the coasters

    How would you rank the rides here after visiting? I’d rank them: 1.mystery mine 2.thunderhead 3.lightning rod(2019) 5.firechaser 6.tennessee tornado 7.wild eagle 8. blazing fury After the top two, there is a very gradual drop in my ratings. 4,5,6 are near equal and quite fun. Overall...
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    Stubs vs. Hubs

    I'm curious. On topics that generally get less traction, do forum members prefer several topically specific stubs, or a single general topical hub. For example this thread: Dinky Park Fun Land(20 Replies) Versus these threads: Dinky Park Gets new Managment(1 Reply) Guest gets injured at...
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    News SeaWorld Will Buy Back $150M in Shares

    Aaaand we just jumped to 30 bucks for who knows why. Did I miss some news?
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    Kemah Boardwalk(Houston Area)

    So I see there's not much on this park, and I understand why, but by golly boardwalk bullet is the best coaster by the sea.
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    April 6, 2019 Trip Report

    I’m at the park today, first day of the season. It’s bad, really bad. Medium crowds, but half the park is closed. So far almost all the flats are closed, and firebird, mind eraser, and raisin Cajun are closed. Restaurants missing half their food, lines moving super slow for what they have. I...
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    The Cup that Cares

    Little interesting thing that I found out with my visit to the park this weekend. I broke out my "cup that cares" from all the way back in 2013. It's a typical refillable cup that has an air filled insulation layer as well as an rfid tag in the base that is supposed to track how many refills you...
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    (BGT)Quick Queue

    Just had a rather annoying thing happen. I preordered off the website and went to the park to get it printed. When I got to the park the barcode didn’t scan at the kiosk and when I went to the ticketing window my options were to have it on printer paper, receipt paper, or my phone. If you...
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    The Comprehensive Platinum Pass Guide

    Hey guys, I'm working on a calculator to help show the true cost of the various different Platinum Passes. I'll continue to edit this post as I make progress. I know many of you , including myself have been looking to other parks passes to determine the viability. Here are the caveats I've...
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    The Year of Beer

    Busch Gardens Tampa has announced that it will extend the two free beers offer throughout the entirety of 2019. I think this is a clever way to boost both attendance and revenue. Because expenses are calculated separately, I'm sure this only helps the parks financial statements.
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    Amusement Industry Stocks

    New Thread for stock discussion. I noticed that cedar fair is really having a rough time. Bad quarterly report seems to have plummeted the value. Price currently at about 51.33 is by far the worst it’s Been on 52 weeks.
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