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  1. Pompeiiboy

    2020 Limited-Capacity Christmas Special Event

    I've been hearing alpengeist could be open, weather permitting of course.
  2. Pompeiiboy

    New Hand Soap...

    I really do wish I was on this site at the time to see that to be honest.
  3. Pompeiiboy

    Project 2021: Pantheon

    Do we know if these were Kevin's exact words?
  4. Pompeiiboy

    Carowinds 2020

    If this happens at caro I would hope for something similar at kd.
  5. Pompeiiboy

    Project 2020: Coconut Shores

    God it needed that
  6. Pompeiiboy

    Project 2020: Coconut Shores

    Looks like coconut shores is finished.
  7. Pompeiiboy

    Existing Roller Coaster Apollo's Chariot

    Has the trim on the 2nd hill been off since the first day of the event or did I just get lucky
  8. Pompeiiboy

    Existing Roller Coaster Apollo's Chariot

    My earlier rides were hard trimming and I barely got airtime. My last ride was pretty normal though.
  9. Pompeiiboy

    Existing Roller Coaster Apollo's Chariot

    Apollo's has been suffering from quite a bit of downtime. It just now having restraint issues and its closed. Was closed and down for a while this morning as well.
  10. Pompeiiboy

    Existing Roller Coaster Loch Ness Monster

    Are they social distancing on lnm?
  11. Pompeiiboy

    Project 2021: Pantheon

    I cant wait for this thing to start testing. Hopefully during the winter event.
  12. Pompeiiboy

    2020 Halloween Harvest

    Do they have lockers and if so are they doing the transferable ones?
  13. Pompeiiboy

    Existing Roller Coaster Apollo's Chariot

    How is it running today?
  14. Pompeiiboy

    2020 Halloween Harvest

    I'm going on Saturday and the Wednesday after that. Super excited to ride Apollo's Chariot again.
  15. Pompeiiboy

    2020 Taste of Busch Gardens

    I'm going to the event tomorrow morning as well. Insanely ready for Alp and InvadR.
  16. Pompeiiboy

    Existing Roller Coaster Tempesto

    Tempasta is a flat confirmed.
  17. Pompeiiboy

    2020 Halloween Harvest

  18. Pompeiiboy

    Existing Roller Coaster Verbolten

    Did anyone happen to get a pov yesterday?
  19. Pompeiiboy


    Now we just need galaxy 2 on switch in some way.
  20. Pompeiiboy

    Existing Roller Coaster Alpengeist

    How is alpies mcbr hitting now?
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