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    Defunct Roller Coaster Big Bad Wolf

    Got a new BBW I phone case
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    2020 Halloween Harvest

    All around the park today, they are playing almost everything I have on my Halloween playlist. Not the usual hamlet music. I could understand the music change later in the day but I prefer the regular music.
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    2020 Halloween Harvest

    Who’s going on Friday for both times?
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    2020 Taste of Busch Gardens

    Just made my reservations
  5. VikingvadR

    September 2020 Mini-Event

    Once they announce for reservations next month, I’ll be ready.
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    BGW Pins

    This is what I’ve collected so far
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    2020 Coasters and Craft Brews

    I’ll be there Sunday 5 to 9 pm
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    COVID-19’s Impacts on BGW

    I’m beginning to think this is the year I go on hiatus from the park
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    Defunct Roller Coaster Wilde Maus

    I’m trying to figure out exactly where Wild Maus was on which is currently Newcastle. It only used a small portion of land. I’m guessing it was located on the side of the entrance of cornered
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    Last Coaster Before Coronavirus

    I think Verbolten was the last coaster I rode
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    COVID-19’s Impacts on BGW

    Think of it this way. Both Busch Gardens and Kings Dominion opened up 45 years ago in May. So if everyone follows the CDC guidelines of social distancing. Maybe we could see a mid May opening of both parks.
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    Project 2021: Pantheon

    I guess we won’t see the park maps with Pantheon on it until opening day. Checked the website, still the same 2019 map
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    Loose Item Policy

    I always use the lockers. I’m really secure about my valuables
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    2020 Cancelled Member Sneak Peek

    I saw the park will be opening at 11:00 am
  15. VikingvadR

    Aquazoid Amped

    I imagine what the new logo would look like
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