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    New Brew Club for SeaWorld Orlando

    That Stein it's 32oz??
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    Brauhaus Craft Bier Room

    Does the pass discount work for the Stein?
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    Existing More Pet Shenanigans

    Personally I'd like to see the show refreshed as well. I like it, but having seen it so many times it's kind of stale. No offense to the animal actors, they are still great!!
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    Future Attractions

    I love all of that! I'd like to see the wild reserve be better utilized.
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    New Rides Survey

    I did not do coaster and didn't have those questions. I was asked about heights for family attractions.
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    New Rides Survey

    Just did the survey, pumped up animal attractions (don't hold your breath, I was surprised they even asked) and said an interactive dark ride. I also asked for an indoor boat ride that passes through the European countryside. I'd love to see new countries added that way. We'd end up with "Europe...
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    Hope you had a great birthday!
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    Blackfish Backlash

    Can't they ever go away? PETA once again thinks that did something great.
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    News Project 2020: Ice Breaker

    Do we know what the height restriction will be yet?
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    Project 2021: Festhaus Park Giga Coaster

    That idea makes tons of sense... but it involves losing more trees, so I can't go along with it! Seriously though, that would actually look good, but the park has become way too chainsaw happy outside of howloscream for my liking. (Invadr barren wasteland I'm looking your way)
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    2020 Media Kit

    Complacency kills businesses.
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    Membership Program

    I just got an email about it. I believe it said May 1.
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    All Day Alcohol

    This isn't super new. My wife and I did it two days during our visit in September. Despite it being every hour it is impossible to achieve that unless that's all you do, which would be an expensive and slow way to try to get drunk. Also the lines always took a long time. We frequently had to...
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    Project 2021: Festhaus Park Giga Coaster

    I hope they actually save some trees this time. The recent history has been very aggressive in clearing. I'd hate for another barren area.
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    What else in Festhaus Park?

    I would just like something to block the eyesore that is the verbolten show building. I miss the German village.
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