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    Sesame Place Williamsburg

    Wondering if SEAS is waiting to see how the larger Sesame Street area at Seaworld Orlando fares before going full tilt into creating an entire gate of it (again). That expansion opens on the 27th of March so we're not far off.
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    Pin Trading Coming in 2019

    Weird - I was just organizing old keepsakes and found my pin from the Passholder Preview of when Killarney opened. May have to wear it in public now.
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    2018 Howl-O-Scream

    Just got back. I’ll try and write up my thoughts in long-form on my flight tomorrow...but needless to say, what the heck happened to atmospherics in the park?
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    2018 Howl-O-Scream

    Odd question I Know, but years ago they used to open the indoor mazes a little before 6. Are they doing this anymore? Headed up tomorrow.
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    2018 Howl-O-Scream

    Alright - finally getting back up to VA for a wedding next weekend and going Sunday night. This'll be my first time back at HOS in probably four or five years. Prioritizing mazes...where to begin?
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    Site Updates & Changes

    This may have been answered all ready, but is the only way to access this site? I spent ages trying to find a link on the BGWFans site and just about gave up until I checked the twitter. Sorry - I know I've ghosted the last year.
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    News Project 2019: Tigris (Premier SkyRocket II)

    Just saw that the Thrills Brewing thing turned out to be their own Brewmasters' Club. Seems like it took Tampa ages to get their club after Williamsburg's.
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    Shrubbery (Park Landscaping)

    Pansies were hit or miss this year and their growing season was completely truncated by the long winter, quick warm up, then sudden cliff dive back into winter. This winter was weird - come to North Florida - the palms look like they were hit by a nuclear attack.
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    Spark (New Royal Palace Theater Show)

    Spark sounds like an energy drink that turns out to be lethal...or better yet it sounds like a communicable disease. Either way, count me as interested. Oh wait, it starts the day I fly back to FL til Christmas...nevermind. Also the designer in me is annoyed as the color tone on that...
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    Sesame Place Williamsburg

    There’s an easement on that land I believe so...honestly...I doubt vacating the easement would be that easy. Great question.
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    Project 2020 (MMXX): Pantheon

    Have y’all seen a comment anywhere on the plans referencing this stating something along the lines of “This site amendment is not per existing site survey and shall be permitted under a separate head/cover”? It’s really bad form to create a permit submittal with revisions to an existing survey...
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    Summer Camps

    Yep - that was our summer. I knew I was forgetting something. They walked us through how the puppets worked, where and what special effects pyro were used, and we got to meet the lead. May have some photos in storage but that’ll have to wait til I’m back in VA over July 4th (moved to Florida a...
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    Summer Camps

    They used to do summer camps for about two weeks about 10-15 years ago. I did it the summer Ireland opened and we got to go behind the scenes at Irish Thunder, Corkscrew Hill and the Globe (I think). Each day was a different theme, between coasters, animals, and food. In fact, for some ungodly...
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    Membership Program

    Isn’t there a chance they could announce additional perks for existing members in the coming days?
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    Defunct Dark Ride Curse of DarKastle

    I still love that sign - that silhouette was gorgeously done. (Also hi everybody - sorry to come back when we’re all in mourning).
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