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    COVID-19’s Impacts on BGW

    Now for the most important question.... Can Premier and Platinum members still use the employee entrance??? I despise the main entrance!!!
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    Membership Program

    I got everything straight. I called customer service and it was a glitch on their end. Even though they have been billing me fine since March 2018 when me and the husband switched to the new passes, something in their system needed reset. They charged me for my June payment and my July payment...
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    Membership Program

    I just received my June credit card statement and noticed my BGW membership wasn’t billed in June.... anyone else notice their memberships not billing now???
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    Project 2020: Operation Splashdown

    Looks like Ocean Breeze is setting up for something... drove down Ocean Breeze Parkway today and most of the slides I could see were running, Kids area was running, adventure river was filled and circulating (still green water), and cabanas and chairs were being put out. Hopefully they are...
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    Last Coaster Before Coronavirus

    Verbolten during Christmastown. Probably late December. I reallllllllly miss my BGW this spring.... 😢. I was looking forward to that Griffon and Apollo’s Chariot ride Preview Day
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    Local Hampton Roads Covid-19 Information

    LPGA event in late May in Williamsburg has been cancelled. It will be back on the 2021 schedule.
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    COVID-19’s Impacts on BGW

    I’m no building code official, but doesn’t plumbing code require water coolers (aka water fountains) for public restroom facilities??? Hence you always see water fountains next to restrooms.....
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    COVID-19 & Coasters: Coronavirus Impacts on the Amusement Industry

    Back in 2009 / 2010 there was similar hysteria due to the H1N1 / Swine Flu... Does anyone remember any local or nationwide park impacts from that Pandemic?
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    COVID-19 & Coasters: Coronavirus Impacts on the Amusement Industry

    It was just confirmed on WAVY 10.
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    Existing Celtic Fyre

    I love Celtic Fyre. The husband and I probably see it 5-10 times a year. That being said.... i think the park may eventually need to do something new. The problem is after the disasters that were / are London Rocks, Britmania, and Octoberzest I have little faith they can actually do something...
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    Happy, happy birthday!!!! I hope your day was special and about you!!!
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    Defunct Flat Ride The Crypt

    I wonder if they would have posted this video if KDFans didn't post about this yesterday.....
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    Aquazoid Amped

    Love this update and others that have been done here recently. Keep up the excellent work and thanks for sharing with fellow park fans!!!!
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    Project 2021: Festhaus Park Giga Coaster

    I miss the ‘old fashioned’ chain lift hill coasters....
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    2020 Busch Gardens Schedule

    Sorry for the double post... I haven’t seen BGW let a company buy out the park for a day. That’s interesting if they are allowing this... I know Kings Dominion does this a few times a year, but never recall BGW doing it (at least lately). Did they do this during the A-B days????
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