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    Defunct All For One

    OH really I didn't remember hearing that but hey im pretty behind on things lol
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    2018 Howl-O-Scream

    I agree with you on that . I think we as a society go way to far with gore. that is why I cant stand movies like saw.... its just gore porn lol. I really like things that are immersive and make you feel like you are really there rather than trying to make me puke but that's just my 2 cents lol.
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    Stranger Things coming to HHN 2018

    Very possible. I had heard that they were trying to fill things faster than usual this year because of a prominent person leaving the team. I don't remember details of it so its very possible it was false information I had heard.
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    Improved Cell Phone Reception

    I am glad to hear about the improved service. Mostly because I have a small child who at times depending on when we go is at home with family because we come for howl o scream and I like being easier to reach. im sure a lot of people have found this great especially if you have kids in the park...
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    Existing Roller Coaster Loch Ness Monster

    Im glad that they seemed to do something right by her. Its a shame when something loses what you loved about it. I cant wait to try this ride again.
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    Existing Roller Coaster Loch Ness Monster

    This is an awesome image! has an awesome vintage feel to it :)
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    What are you listening to?

    the one more light album by linkin park.... love it
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    Membership Program

    That is a legitimate worry Nicole. I kinda feel like "The olde country" may soon also symbolize the CS and honesty of years long gone. The backlash from this is going to be painful. Someone is going to get hurt. I haven't figured out who yet. I would like to say if a company is smart they will...
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    Membership Program

    You know sometimes you just cant be positive. It needed to be addressed and you did it the best way possible. It was a well thought out and written article that stated the facts.The management at the park put no thought into the needs/ wants of the members who did them essentially the favor of...
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    Membership Program

    I haven't chosen an option yet for membership. And in a way im glad i haven't. This is the kind of thing that can shake the faith of people on the fence about joining especially if they are ill informed on the options available to to them. I think this is unfair and a dangerous game to play for...
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    Project 2018: Battle for Eire (VR Attraction)

    You know i didnt think about how many they may have on site to replace any damaged ones... thats a good point.
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    Project 2018: Battle for Eire (VR Attraction)

    Also IMO i think we may see changes in the mask and headgear probably due to wear and tear right? I'm not familiar with VR masks or hardware of anykind with them. But i would think you get enough people through it will break down the gear. And the rules may bend a bit if they hear enough...
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    Project 2018: Battle for Eire (VR Attraction)

    Firstly i don't think its a complete dud. Its going to have some growing pains everything does. I give them credit for trying. I mean if you don't try you wont know right? Plus from what i understand alot can be done during and after soft openings. Depending on what needs to be addressed. When...
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    Project 2018: Battle for Eire (VR Attraction)

    Do you think it is something that can be built on and refined as VR tech improves? Great pics. Also the one of your face was that a cut or just an impression left on your face as a result of the headset? Very smart wording Nicole! I know you guys are pros at that kind of thing but it was...
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    Country Kitchen

    They said they were really happy with the bbq at wayside. They said it may be better than at ck.
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