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    Defunct Wirbelwindchen

    Dude my daughter was disappointed about this yesterday. She's just turned four, but she is always trying to ride this. She was going to ride with her little brother, but oh well. Nothing in the area for a really little kid to do now other than roto baron which has a stupid long line. I mean she...
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    2016 Howl-O-Scream

    These escape rooms always have a waiver for you to sign. Basically saying if you're a dummy and hurt yourself trying to solve some clues or if one of the other participants hurts you then BG is not liable. They sometimes include language that says they can use your image for promotional purposes...
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    2016 Howl-O-Scream

    Yawn.... me too! I'm trying to catch up here. but looking on bgw's website it doesn't seem like there is anything tangible from the dolls. Is there supposed to be a house, show, or terrortory related to the creepy dolls?
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    Quick Questions & Answers

    Can platinum passholders use the employee/england entrance for Christmastown this year? Last year, I heard others were able to make it in, but it seemed every time I went, I was turned away.
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    2016 Food & Wine Festival

    Are we gonna get some Spam Musubi?
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    Busch Gardens Discovery App

    I haven't used the BG app since last season. It looks like they have a new feature that lets you pay with the app. Has anyone used this feature yet? does it use your phone's nfc or is it some kind of Barcode? Generally though this app looks way better than last year's app. they have a...
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    2015 Food & Wine Festival

    I pour my Scotch over a few pieces of ice and I'm not stopping! :-P
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    "Founders Event" Coming May 2015

    Is the documentary only being shown on Sunday?
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    Festhaus Restroom Renovations Coming 2015

    I love this forum.
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    Rumor Howl-O-Scream 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    Any insight into the difference in planning with Scott gone? I understood that they usually start planning around this time of the year. I hope the event won't take a nosedive in terms of creativity.
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    Existing Celtic Fyre

    So we get at least one more year of Celtic Fyre then?
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    Pointless Discussions

    horns haven't come in yet. I need to find some way to get a tray on the back of the stroller for food and wine festival now.
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    2015 Food & Wine Festival

    Griffon, you just made me so happy!
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    Pointless Discussions

    yea it went fine. no 12 lb baby thankfully! 7lbs 5oz and 21.25 inches long. so exhausted though. oh god the black poop!
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    Pointless Discussions

    So... wife is 37.5 weeks pregnant. there's up to 10 inches of snow tonight. and we are now at the hospital to have the baby. Crazy timing. I got a little Elsa on the way. ha.
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