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    2021 St. Patrick's Day Celebration

    Yeah, if you spend your days on a theme park fan forum, you surrender your "normal" card.
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    COVID-19’s Impacts on BGW

    That's a pretty oversimplified take. It ignores New Zealand's smaller population, isolated location, and cultural/social/economic differences between the US and New Zealand. The Boston Globe actually ran an interesting article on this exact issue. The consensus the article draws is that a...
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    News Quarterly Financial Results

    Those are pretty good numbers considering how the other major theme park companies performed.
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    Project 2022 (?!): Rampage Replacement

    You also haven't lived until your raft hits the water and banks sharply to the left or right and you crash into the side of the pool wall. Rampage has always been one of my favorite WCUSA attractions. It's unique, has that lovable retro-WCUSA vibe, and is the only water slide I've experienced...
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    2021 St. Patrick's Day Celebration

    That's not how you spell Apollo.
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    KD vs. BGW

    I think a lot of people missed @netdvn's point the other day. BGW has the luxury of being located in a relatively high-population area with plenty of surrounding neighborhoods, not to mention being located in a town that attracts some amount of tourists year-round. KD is located in the middle of...
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    Existing Roller Coaster Griffon

    Are we sure this is a full repaint? They repainted a section between the first Immelmann and the MCBR a few years ago - it was painfully obvious that it had a newer coat of paint than the rest of the ride. They could be just painting the area around the splashdown. Either way, new paint is new...
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    Existing Transport Ride Busch Gardens Railway

    I don't have the complete list, but I know they play "Love and Be Loved" by Geoff Zanelli when the train departs Festa Station. I think they also play "The Egg Travels" by James Newton Howard somewhere along the route too.
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    Still Beautiful After All These Years

    Whenever Tempesto is due for a repaint, if they paint the ride with colors that are more complimentary of Apollo's color scheme and remove that stupid "banner" from the righthand side of the structure, I'm convinced it will look a lot better.
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    What Will Be the Next Coaster Removed From BGW?

    I also used to think Nessie was rough until I started visiting more parks and riding more coasters. After experiencing many, much rougher rides, I no longer consider Nessie rough at all. Sure, there's a bounce here and a jolt there, but compared even to several rides just down the road in...
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    What Will Be the Next Coaster Removed From BGW?

    Honestly, that's another reason to hope Nessie sticks around for a while. If they can't build another large coaster there, the land is more or less worthless. The best they could do is install a few flats in isolated parts of the footprint, but I think the park understands that trading in one of...
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    KD vs. BGW

    Yes, but keep in mind KD's passes are significantly less expensive than BGW's, which I would argue is factored into the value proposition. (KD's pass prices also did not change when the park added Winterfest.) For what it's worth, I always assumed that the brilliance of BGW's year-round events...
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    KD vs. BGW

    I disagree that CF hasn't been aggressive on investing into the experience part of KD. The park has invested in substantial refreshments of a different area of the park almost every year since 2013, has begun re-emphasizing its theming, and has also invested heavily into improving their food and...
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    Project 2022/2023 (?): Festhaus Park Giga Coaster

    Giant SBF Visa tower coaster confirmed!!
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    Existing Roller Coaster InvadR

    The original hotrod on the front of Lightning Rod's train too.
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