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    I for one loved the RCT3 engine. With ambient occlusion and bloom it looks awesome. Been playing Cities Skylines a bit. My first city has actually turned out ok so far, just need to educate the citizens more so that they completely move to offices. Also need more work on garbage and crime...
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    Project 2015: Tempesto

    TBH - While I still think the entire installation is ugly and cheap, it at least is better than some of the other things in Festa, and far better than I was expecting. This at least was planned and looks like it could actually work when given time to remove the warehouse feel.
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    Videos That Make You Love The Internet

    I wish so badly I had the parts/time/intelligence to make that sort of thing. All my coasters are either tiny or they fall over themselves.
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    PETA Now Targeting Universal Studios

    RE: PETA is now targeting Universal Some people just have the worst logic and priorities. But it's just sad when an entire, influential group like PETA exists just out of stupidity.
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    Project 2015: Tempesto

    Just me or does the queue imply that this coaster is themed to the color orange?
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    Project 2015: Tempesto

    This is making me wish it had turns.
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    Pointless Discussions

    I was born on Earth. I think it went well. So uh, I did this today to take advantage of the pretty winter scene, and the natural ice runways. 2lEqudrqXWY
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    How to Embed Almost Anything into a Post

    ^Best part is that the thanks button is off screen.
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    Pointless Discussions

    Sure, multiple monitors sounds nice for multitasking, but I'd spend the money on upgrading the monitor. Also this thing is so weird with RCT3. The menus have rather bad FPS, but in game it's a firm 30+ regardless of amount of scenery. Sounds like more settings to tweak. EDIT: Just RCT3...
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    Pointless Discussions

    All I got is 1080P. :P One monitor as well. Also the worst PC usage I will have would be in NoLimits 2
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    Pointless Discussions

    Everything works fine, the Mobo is the Gigabyte GAz97x UD3h BK.
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    Pointless Discussions

    Intel I5 4690K EVGA NVIDIA GTX970 Corsair CX750M WD Blue 1TB hard drive Cooler Master evo 212 Total cost all said and done was about $1300. Lots of money, but it looks promising so far. Runs great at the second, just some bugs to work out.
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    Pointless Discussions

    Just built my first PC, need to change my name soon.
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    What's something you've NEVER done at BGW?

    Never entered FOF either. Been in Land of the Dragons in my early childhood tho.
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    Defunct Dark Ride Europe In The Air

    Or perhaps an S&S skyscraper poking through the building. JK
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