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    Year-Round Operations Come to BGW

    This is very interesting since the sun just finished its twelve year cycle. The last four years being the warmest, and the next four years being the coldest. It’s jus science though. (It will be COLD the next 4 years!)
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    2020 Busch Gardens Christmas Celebration

    Waiting for the train cleaning, while sitting on the train underneath InvadR, was complete bullshit. What a waste of time! Watched 8 coaster cycles go by. They REALLY need to park both trains, one in each station, and do this. Sitting on a full train waiting just really pissed me off. Other than...
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    2020 Halloween Harvest

    Thank you Jornor. That seemed to work fine.
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    2020 Halloween Harvest

    I can’t make my reservation for 3 people tomorrow...what do I do? I can’t honestly figure out how to cancel. Please go easy on me, and help me open a slot for 3 people tomorrow..
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    Project 2021: Pantheon

    A wall of ‘purple things’ would suffice I imagine. They are quite affordable.
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    August 5th, 2020: BGW Fans Brave COVID for Coasters

    I’ll go when the whole park is open and risking my life is actually worth it. Till then, beans and disease!
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    2020 Coasters and Craft Brews

    I like to think I am a well respected member of this community. I am certainly treated as such. I don’t often put my two cent in, but I feel that I must. This scenario of partial opening, no water park, masks outdoors for everyone, no use of pass benefits, etc...etc...etc...the big picture here...
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    Alphabetic BGW

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    News Cedar Fair bans all smoking inside parks

    Nicotine addiction can cause serious withdrawals in a matter of a couple hours. Especially for those that use it heavily. Any park not having a place for those addicted to go, is paying customer abandonment in my opinion. The parks aren’t going to lose the business of people that ‘don’t like the...
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    Smoker was full! (Well...except for the hotspot that I use for cooking sausages and dogs on a whim)
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    What are you listening to?

    My band BadMotivator released this single yesterday. I play lead guitar. The bass player sings on this one. It’s called ‘Gun’. I hope you like it! Probably our best video to date also!
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    "Murder Hornets"

    Murder hornets were under a seek and destroy order on the west coast recently. Most, of not all bees have been ironically ‘murdered’. They spread 40 miles per year give or take. That’s about 71 years, and puts them on the east coast sometime in 2091. The internet can spread fear like wildfire...
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    COVID-19 Impacts on Kings Dominion

    Let’s not forget about those people who seem to think nothing is going on and invade your space while yelling to someone three isles over in the queue. Yea....those people will still be out and about. They are in the grocery stores as I write this. Completely oblivious to the gigantic stickers...
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    COVID-19 Impacts on Kings Dominion

    A better question would be....if social distancing expires before haunt, do you really want a zombie’s loud whispers in your personal Face space?!?!
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    COVID-19 & Coasters: Coronavirus Impacts on the Amusement Industry

    I won’t speculate on what ‘he’ the governor, or anyone else has said may happen. I only know what orders are currently in place that will prevent any park from opening. I don’t pay much attention to the chit chat mumbo jumbo. Just official orders and CDC recommendations. But I also think that...
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