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    2019 Sesame Street Kids' Weekends

    Anyone know the schedule of events? I don't want to go up there at ten if they don't start activities and such until noon.
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    2018 Christmas Town

    Was this Tuesday night? Same thing happened to us and it really brought down the experience since all the narrative was out of context.
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    Pokémon Go at BGW

    8871 2720 6568
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    All year Photokey for Christmas town

    I was told yes and was told that it would indeed still give us priority access to Santa and Rudolph... Now the proof will be in the pudding...
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    2018 Christmas Town

    @Celticdog beat me to it...
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    Pointless Discussions

    Here's my sushi costume!
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    Pointless Discussions

    I'm sushi at work and then my daughter and I are bees tonight and my husband is a bee keeper.
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    Existing Christmas Town Santa's Fireside Feast

    This is the first year a whole year photo key has been offered. Santa pictures were included with a high level christmastown photo key only in the past as I've used it the last couple years with my daughter. Like i said it never included the picture in fireside feast as long as i remember but it...
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    Existing Christmas Town Santa's Fireside Feast

    I was told when I purchased mine in March, "YES". (that is for when you meet Santa normally, when you meet santa at fireside feast it is not included because it is not a digital option but a hard copy photo)
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    Existing Wolf Training Up-Close

    So this tour is fantastic. Our tour was just 4 people, my friend and I and 2 other girls. Corryne was our guide and was extremely knowledgeable. She works year round with these animals and has been with the park a couple of years. We got to learn the back stories of the wolves on property and...
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    Existing Wolf Training Up-Close

    I'll be doing this tour for the first time Sunday. I'm taking a friend for her birthday and she loves wolves and has been dying to do this for years. We can't wait!
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    2018 Halloween Haunt

    Me too!
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    2018 Christmas Town

    That's exactly what i thought...
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    Best & Worst Restraints

    The new version of comfort collars that have appeared on tempesto on the first few rows are actually not bad at all. I wonder when they will update the rest of the train?
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