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    Pointless Discussions

    Okay I can't let that go. Admins I love you guys and appreciate everything you do, but is it really necessary to call someone out for a reaction they made on a post in a thread when you know damn well all it does is further derail a conversation (which is quite hypocritical, since a fair...
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    15 Most Thrilling Coasters in the World

    7. Top thrill dragster Adds 18 feet and a bad paint job Most THRILLING coaster IN THE WORLD
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    Project 2021: 355ft Attraction in Festhaus Park

    I'm so fucking proud of you. This made my day.
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    Project 2020 (MMXX): Intamin Multi-Launch Coaster

    Stationary, weather-resistant camera that is capturing something that is moving quite quickly, with no time to focus. I say it is relatively good given most cameras would encounter tremendous motion blur.
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    Project 2021: 355ft Attraction in Festhaus Park

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    Project 2021: 355ft Attraction in Festhaus Park

    It's worth noting that though yes, project Madrid was "scrapped", they followed up scrapping a possible 315 foot addition involving festa field by a possible 355 foot addition in festhaus park. I see the back to back attempts at planning high that the park is really wanting to go vertical here...
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    Existing Roller Coaster Verbolten

    I guess I'm just lucky and haven't experienced many rattle-heavy coasters, which may be the case, putting Verbolten higher on my list. Needless of ranking, I think it not subjective to say the rattle at the bottom of that drop is rather obvious.
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    Existing Roller Coaster Verbolten

    I love Verbolten, so take this as a statement from someone who does not think Verbolten is bad. Verbolten is one of the rattliest steel coasters I've ever been on. It somehow has a worse and more irritating rattle than Nessie. The worst part is at the bottom turn after the Rhine drop. It's...
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    Project 2021: 355ft Attraction in Festhaus Park

    From the perspective of a DCer myself Everyone goes to Hershey. Some people go to BGW/KD (usually a similar number of people who have been). Some people go to GAdv (less than BGW/KD). Nobody goes to SFA, despite it being the "closest".
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    2019 Howl-O-Scream

    Is that Demon Street?
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    Existing Roller Coaster Verbolten

    Appreciate it. I'm curious if the app measures the data based off of the phone's orientation off of a set stable axes, or if it establishes the phone's position as the axes. If the latter is true, then your phone not being perfectly flat and stable in your pocket effectively makes the data...
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    Interesting Theme Park Merch

    That park was fantastic, I loved it. Had some of the most unique and interesting attractions I had ever experienced.
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    I foresee a merger down the line. I don't see the point in continuing the services separately at that point.
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    Existing Roller Coaster Loch Ness Monster

    The ride ops just never turn it on. I see it as unacceptable, but if nothing is enforced, what can ya do.
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    2019 Summer Nights

    Get in line early if you want a show included with your admission. If you miss the show, I see that as your fault for not showing up early to one of the many time slots they have. The park has done a lot to make a lot of opportunities for people to see these shows, its on you at this point. I...
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