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    Apollo's Chariot E-Stop Results in Multiple "Injuries"

    Or an undue burden on the victim?
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    Bring out your pets!

    Meet Lion-O. Also known as the Cow.
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    I was hoping Armie Hammer would have been cast. He has acknowledged he was asked several years ago and he has the body and acting chops to pull off Batman. In my opinion at least.
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    Forum Suggestions

    I was in “Project 2019: Finnegan's Flyer (S&S Screamin' Swing)” and the following comment left me with a question: “Now see I think that top section looks like a tan or some light shade of brown in the artist rendering. I just went back and looked at the top piece pictured from a while back and...
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    Volcano Goes Extinct

    I didn’t realize many rides or attractions would use compressed air from a centralized location in their operation. That seems like a lot of underground piping to maintain. I thought the compressors could be to power chillers for air conditioning in nearby attractions.
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    Volcano Goes Extinct

    Can you go into detail about the air compressors and their use? I have never heard this fact before. Thanks
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    I thought episode 1 was unwatchable due to the shear number of commercials. I did subscribe to CBS all access and plan to rewatch.
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    Defunct Flat Ride Time Shaft

    Isn't that the old monorail tunnel?
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    To Build a Happy Place

    It's been 40 years and I really do not remember. I do remember they talked about park construction including infrastructure. My big memory was a section that talked about the gas main and the distribution throughout the park. Yes, I'm a nerd.
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    To Build a Happy Place

    I started working at KD at the beginning of the 1975 season at Pop ’n Pups located in the Coney Island section. I remember during new hire orientation that they showed a movie called “To Build a Happy Place”. Anyone else remember the movie or better yet… a link?
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    Project 2015: Tempesto

    RE: Project 2015: 156ft Tall Festa Italia Attraction I would be happy if they just did away the games and BLOW UP the basket ball area. They are noisy assaults to the ears.
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    I know of around 350 acres in Doswell that needs a major rehab.
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    Asphalt or aggregate?

    Thanks to everyone to posted. Learned a lot about BGW.
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    Asphalt or aggregate?

    When BGW opened so many years ago, did the park have asphalt like Kings Dominion or aggregate like today?
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