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    2020 Taste of the Season

    Oh damn. Thanks Nicole.
  2. Johnkleindl

    2020 Taste of the Season

    I can’t find anywhere what time the event starts. Is it 4pm?
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    2020 Taste of the Season

    Wow. That was a real pain in the ass
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    Existing Roller Coaster Grizzly

    I would just like to point out this is not me. I haven't been out to the park in months. Also my footage would look better😂
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    Defunct Roller Coaster Volcano: The Blast Coaster

    What are we looking at in the first picture?
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    Membership Program

    Does anyone know how many extra free tickets the park added last year to the memberships?
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    Defunct Roller Coaster Volcano: The Blast Coaster

    I shot some drone video a few days ago. I’ll see if I can zoom in and get a good picture of them.
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    Defunct Roller Coaster Volcano: The Blast Coaster

    I believe there are still trains from Volcano sitting on the other side of the FOF building. Just sitting out in the open.
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    Grain & Grill Replacing Panda Express for 2020

    I hope the price to portion ratio is better than what they've been doing at The Mac Bowl. Also while I'm excited about the upgraded patio area and full bar, my first thought was the smoking section right across the walkway by the bathrooms.
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    2019 WinterFest

    Question.. can I use my all season funpix for the Santa meet and greet? And if so, is there still a cost associated with it?
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    2019 Halloween Haunt

    How I wish this was true! Mixing haunted houses with dancing Christmas lights. And beheadings with pictures with Santa and cocoa.
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    2020 Halloween Harvest

    I'm ready!! Let's start the hype now.
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    2019 Halloween Haunt

    Yeah. I left early. Couldn't stand the people who don't know how to act in public. I'll probably go back tomorrow. The haunt actors that I saw were doing a great job though
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    2019 Halloween Haunt

    Heads will roll was really good. I'll definitely try to watch that each time I'm back. But the park is stupid busy. Was opening weekend last year only Saturday and Sunday or was it Friday, Saturday and Sunday?
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    Project 2020: Coconut Shores

    Current progress on Coconut Shores as of this week.
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