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    Project 2021: Primordial

    Plot twist: they’re rebuilding Volcano.
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    Ways to Make SFA More Competitive

    Shame that asshole in the yellow shirt blocked the shot for most of the video.
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    Project 2020: Coconut Shores

    Yeah, I do wonder if these will be actual, drivable trucks or just permanent food stands disguised as trucks.
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    Tap dancing show coming to WCUSA? CELTIC WATER??
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    Existing Flat Ride Der Wirbelwind

    I’d say it’s not really the same as BGWFans since BGWFans provides either leaked info or critiques of the park to a large audience, whereas this is just a few misinformed people on Facebook commenting on an easily-debunked problem.
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    Existing Flat Ride Der Wirbelwind

    I don’t think they “need” to do anything in this case. It’s some random post in a private group where a few people are confused. Those people will figure it out when they visit BGW and Wirbelwind is still there. Of course, a post explaining the maintenance that goes into Der Wirbelwind would be...
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    How To Define a “Drop”

    I think they’re different. For example, I’d argue coasters like Avalanche don’t have any drops, despite having a constant decline. Another example: the switchback portion of most Wild Mice(???) declines slightly, but I wouldn’t call that a drop.
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    How To Define a “Drop”

    That was my initial thought too, but would a .1 degree decline really be considered a drop? Break runs probably have an even steeper grade. The answer to this question is probably just 180 minus the minimum angle that one would consider to be a normal drop. So if we say the minimum angle of a...
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    Existing Roller Coaster Flight of Fear

    I totally wouldn’t put it past KD to have their sole archive for FOF’s themed spiel on a single (now broken) CD. Maybe KI has a copy? :P
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    Defunct Flat Ride The Crypt

    Not until weeks after the park opened. In fact, today is the first time KD has ever officially mentioned anything new coming to Safari Village online.
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    Existing Roller Coaster Flight of Fear

    What’s sad is these effects could easily be restored with a single speaker and an MP3 player. I assume they’ve just been forgotten :(
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    Defunct Flat Ride The Crypt

    Official announcement is out, plus a blog post. According to the blog post: Hmm...
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    Project 2020 (MMXX): Pantheon

    I guess you could say... Zachary’s tour reached new heights! But seriously, this might be hardest I’ve ever seen a theme park fan site go on its reporting. Bravo.
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    Existing Roller Coaster Flight of Fear

    Are you talking about the radio broadcast sort of thing that played from the radio tower outside the entrance? I swear I haven’t heard that in years, but maybe I’ve just gone on bad days. Have you heard it recently?
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    In-Park Music

    So I didn't have as many of the 2017-era International Street songs written down as I thought, but here are some of the songs I remember. These played from early 2017 through July 2019 before being replaced with the current "international" soundtrack. He's a Pirate - Hans Zimmer Imagine the...
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