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    Formula One

    Had no idea we had so many F1 fans on here. Figured we'd have a NASCAR thread long before this.
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    COVID-19’s Impacts on BGW

    The social gathering rule hasn't applied to places like BGW this whole process. So we're all going to have to wait until the full executive order comes out to know what can happen.
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    COVID-19’s Impacts on BGW

    What's Langley Speedway?
  4. James

    COVID-19’s Impacts on BGW

    Considering they rolled back many of the phase 3 guidelines to almost a phase 2.5 I’m going to go ahead and say BGW won’t open this year at all.
  5. James

    COVID-19’s Impacts on BGW

    The guideline states it's 1000 patrons so that wouldn't include employees.
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    COVID-19’s Impacts on BGW

    I can confirm they’d have to stick to the 1000 person limit.
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    Project 2022/2023 (?): Festhaus Park Giga Coaster

    Drachen-Fan Service
  8. James

    Project 2021: Pantheon

    I think the sad part here is outside of some green grass it’s all there... that’s the ride.
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    Project 2021 (?): Aquazoid Amped

    Complaining about the name of a renovated waterslide is peak theme park nerd.
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    2020 Cancelled KingsFest

    Pretty impressive line up!
  11. James

    Property Info

    As a commercial drone pilot, as far as I know it would be perfectly legal to fly that drone as long as you maintain line of sight and don't fly above 400ft. There are no airspace restrictions there and with the park closed you wouldn't be violating any of the crowd rules in regards to flying...
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    BGWFans & Busch Gardens Williamsburg

    Personally I hope they never let BGW Fans back for any media event. What you all have done is immoral, disgusting, rude, and unprofessional. Shame on you. Just kidding. Pissed off BGW Fans is the best BGW Fans. The past week has been a blast 😃
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    Project 2022/2023 (?): Festhaus Park Giga Coaster

    Clearly Zachary works for the DMV.
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    2019 Howl-O-Scream

    When I worked in Bitten in 2011 they also told us it would be the last year. And then it stayed open another 6 years. So take any rumors like that with a grain of salt.
  15. James

    Project 2021: Pantheon

    Well that video being taken down definitely confirms it's the real deal.
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