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    2019 Christmas Town

    I can 100 percent confirm that. Though I am hearing that Elvis might miss the first few shows do to previous comments but theywill go on with a stand in.
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    Crane at WCUSA

    Might very well be right but the height that it was setup st seemed high for simply lifting them up onto or off of a flatbed but that was the view from someone with no experience in such operations. Also this was the first time I seen ot and it's a daily drive for me at about the same time...
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    Crane at WCUSA

    There is as large crane at WCUSA it was visible over the trees from 199 and the adjacent shopping center. Not sure what it's being used for.
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    Project 2020 (MMXX): Pantheon

    They do but I think 200 feet is the limit this will be under that.
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    Universal Orlando actor fired after flashing hate symbol

    Feel like I need to take a second to address this. I coming from the view point as a 35 year old white male I don't take it lightly but I also started to view some of these complaints with an eye of skepticism. Why not because they are not a serious subject but because we here that cry racism...
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    Universal Orlando actor fired after flashing hate symbol

    Without knowing the actual policy of Universal it's impossible to know if his action actually violated policy in a form that would typically warrant firing. I have a hard time believing that every actor that made a unapproved signal has been fired but we also don't know any history on his part...
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    Six Flags Makes Bid to Acquire Cedar Fair

    Yes. How ever it might be as simple as not wanting to be asked about it especially given that at the moment he probably really can't comment on it.
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    Anaconda next on chopping block?

    While not impossible I think that highly unlikely. There is to much walkway in the way and building like that would further isolate Flight of Fear and i305 I just don't see it happening. Also I don't see it as likely that the park gets a ride of that size I find it far more likely that we end...
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    2019 Halloween Haunt

    Got you the signs make no mention of that so I assumed they were one.
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    News Vortex closing

    Not to turn this into an Arrow thread but that has been my experience with both Nessi and Anaconda which is why I felt the need to mention that it was a lightly loaded train.
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    News Vortex closing

    Um that was not my experience but it was also a light train load when I rode it.
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    2019 Halloween Haunt

    Kd can't seem to get the show timing down tonight. Blood drums 730 show started at 745 and just walked up to the 810 heads roll to find it already under way at 8. I know technical out of their control might account for blood drums but there really is no excuse that I can think of to starting a...
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    Food Trucks at BGW

    Bingo and the Zero dollar prize goes to Zimmy. My understanding is that they been they been playing with options for cheaper ways to feed their full time employees. I was told that they were buying bulk prepared Subway Sandwiches earlier this year and selling them for like 5 dollars or...
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    News Vortex closing

    Timing seems really odd to. Why not announce eariler in the year and give people a better chance to get the last rided in on an iconic coaster? I mean sure you don't want to rain on Orion's parade but there plenty of room to fit both announcements in without waiting till a month before closing.
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    Future Crowd Levels

    Just a friendly reminder that the State Fair starts tonight and runs through NEXT Sunday while the park is usually less crowded during that time expect heavier than normal traffic and congestion in the area.
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