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    Existing More Pet Shenanigans

    That is correct.
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    First trip advice

    Still looking for info. In particularly How does Carowinds Intimindator compare to KD's does it have the same blackout tendencies? Does Afterburn have the larger rider seats like alpengeist? How friendly is Nighthawk on larger riders? I am I coorect in assuming that flying Cobra and Vortex...
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    Lost Island Themepark Planned for 2022 In Iowa

    They are that should make for an interesting starting point.
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    Existing Roller Coaster Apollo's Chariot

    No it will not be finished till this fall when they have off days. The plan was to be done by now but the weather caused delays.
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    2019 Christmas Town

    You would be partially correct 10 years ago. Back then BGW was an active part of AB's Clydesdale program. They had both young and retired ones as well as ones that were part of active hitch teams. Don't believe we ever had any of the TV star ones but we did have ones that were on the...
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    2019 Christmas Town

    No they are not. They were bought from someone independently of AB after AB was separated from the park. They use to have AB Clydesdales but those left when AB was bought out the current ones have no relation what so ever to the AB Clydesdales.
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    Project 2020 (MMXX): Intamin Multi-Launch Coaster

    The never wrong tram operator just informed us that next year we will have a new rollercoaster. He also informed us that it will be the tallest in the park. 100ft taller then Apollo.
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    2019 Christmas Town

    I was once a big fan of this idea but based on info that I don't feel comfortable sharing expect to that the info has nothing to do with physical health or well being of the animals, I am not a fan of this any longer. Not against the idea as whole but I think going the route of an outside...
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    Volcano Goes Extinct

    I would think that would have been highly unlikely give Volcano's tight layout and clearly not in the plans.
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    Volcano Goes Extinct

    I am not sure they are going such lengths. They are using the same company and much of the same equipment that was used in taking down the mountain. Why would it not make sense to the footers and other work while the permits, people, equipment are in place? Surely this is cheaper then having...
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    Guests Claim Damages as Rains Flood Portion of Parking Lot -

    "While some parkgoers understand SeaWorld can't control the rain, they'd like to know who is going to foot the bill for some of the damages the rain caused to their vehicles." That is what comprehensive insurance is for. 5 pluss inches in under an hour there likely was little the park could...
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    Volcano Goes Extinct

    I saw them digging down and jackhammering up the actual coaster footers when i road Avalanche last week.
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    Volcano Goes Extinct

    They have been digging down and removing Volcano's footer below ground.
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    WCUSA Hit Capacity on 5/26

    They usually hit it fairly often this time of season especially with the heat we have had lately.
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    First trip advice

    I am going to be heading down end of the month for my first visit and am looking for any advice on the park that I can get. especially advice on larger rider fit on rides. also any food advice. Also is there early admission and ride times during the week for platinum pass holders?
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