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    Concepts Think Tank

    I've always said that if they are never going to build a ride behind Flight of Fear, they should use it for Haunt. Concept: Construct a Haunt maze building (similar to the two behind WindSeeker and within Twister Timbers) or outdoor maze behind the Flight of Fear queue building. There's plenty...
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    Project 2021: S&S 4D Free Spin?

    With the pandemic, I wonder how/when parks will handle the 2021 addition announcements? Typically, Cedar Fair announces their big investment first anytime from early - mid August (National Roller Coaster Day is August 16), and then a ride of this size would have its official announcement by the...
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    Project 2021: S&S 4D Free Spin?

    I’m thrilled for two reasons. 1) The project wasn’t scrapped because of the pandemic. 2) Unique color track for the park. It’ll be interesting to see what theme and color supports they pair this color track with.
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    Existing Flat Ride Drop Tower

    Do we know if they're keeping the exact same color scheme and paint design yet? Personally, I would have liked to see them change it up.
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    Project 2021: S&S 4D Free Spin?

    That was a generic teaser on the Volcano side though, probably before they even decided to remove Crypt. Now that both Volcano and Crypt are gone it's essentially a clean slate on the north end of Safari Village.
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    Project 2021: S&S 4D Free Spin?

    I think this is a solid addition, especially if a true Volcano replacement comes in 2022. My only hope is that they start cleaning up the theming disaster known as Safari Village. Do you keep the safari theme (King Kobra?) or theme it to fit in more with the Avalanche name, urban backlot, UFO...
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    Project 2021: S&S 4D Free Spin?

    A big development at this point would be learning if the 2021 project is going on the Crypt site, Volcano site, or both sites. Also, if Scrambler is moving (again)...
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    A Look at Off-Season Maintenance

    Glad to hear Drop Tower is finally being repainted. I've only been asking for that for over a decade. I believe it still has its original paint job (opened in 2003). Now would be a great time to change up the color scheme, theme, and give it a less generic name than Drop Tower: Scream Zone. It...
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    Paramount Coaster List

    Paramount also installed Hurler (1994), Taxi Jam (1997), and Ricochet (2002).
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    Project 2021: S&S 4D Free Spin?

    I'm with the crowd that thinks this would be a good fit for the park, especially if it was well themed and/or mostly blocked the FOF building similar to how Volcano did. However, I just hope the final design has a bit more height (and length) to it. This thing is short. For reference...
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    Project 2021: S&S 4D Free Spin?

    Glad they realized KD needs a roller coaster (or two) to replace Volcano and not Safari Village's own Coconut Shores.
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    I305 Retheme

    We are finishing up the 10th season with the Intimidator 305 theme and it does make you wonder how long that contract will stay signed. I love the nostalgia of this and think "Galaxi" would be a great re-theme option for the entire area, especially when/if Anaconda gets replaced.
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    Project 2020: Coconut Shores

    It appears the site is forming.
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    Project 2021: S&S 4D Free Spin?

    If so, that's a big disappointment for the park in 2021.
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    News Project 2020: Orion

    The overall height is 287’ with a 300’ drop because they are constructing it into the terrain.
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