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    All Season Dining

    How are the season long refillable bottle suppose to work? Is the cashier suppose to scan your membership pass and/or the bottle? Is the benefit assigned to one specific refillable bottle? They did give us a new bottle when redeeming the all season drink voucher. Here is my experience so far...
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    I heard that it may be problems with the ride supports and possibly the tower. Hopefully it is just the motor.
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    Aquazoid has been down all week and I have heard rumors that it might be down for the rest of the season. Anyone know what is going on?
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    Project 2019: Finnegan's Flyer (S&S Screamin' Swing)

    I am a 5’ 10” male weighing close to 300 pounds. Will I be able to fit on Finnegan’s Flyer. I can fit on all rides in park except for Griffin and Alpengeist. Because of forum comments on InvadR, I decided to try it and fit just fine even though test seat will not go green. Thanks
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    Busch Gardens Quality Control Team

    What is wrong with the air conditioning in the Scotland restrooms? It has not worked in the past 2 weeks and they just keep the doors propped open. No ventilation. Horrible smell. Bad show.
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    Existing Flat Ride Da Vinci's Cradle

    We have been to BGW 6 times in July with out of town family and The Cradle has not been open once. Is it broke or is BGW being cheap and cutting costs by keeping it closed?
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    Light Balance Performing at BGW

    The curtains are in front of the fireplace and where the entrance on the other side besides in the middle. Much better.
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    2018 Summer Nights

    Yes modern music was blaring in the entire park.
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    Spark (New Royal Palace Theater Show)

    RE: New Show in the Royal Palace Theater Per the BGW auditions page that I tried to attach, the name of the show in the RPT this summer is “Spark”.
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    Project 2020 (MMXX): Pantheon

    The thumbnail in post #1614. The 6 circles just above the yellow box are the footprint for the old Hastings Tournament Table Resturant.
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    Project 2020 (MMXX): Pantheon

    Why does the thumbnail map attached above have the Tournament Tables restaurant instead of Grograns Grill or O’Taters? Makes me think that parts of this map are really old.
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    Existing Roller Coaster Tempesto

    I can’t fit in the big boy seats on Alpengeist or Griffin. I’m not close on the test seat for InvadR. I have no problems on Pesto Sauce.
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    2017 Christmas Town

    Can I use my platinum or friends and family pass to go through employee parking gate and park in England during Christmastown this year?
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    2016 Christmas Town

    Christmastown was very crowded tonight and way understaffed. They only had one station on Verbolten. The shows only had 4 shows each. They did add a second ice show, but it was not listed on the show times. No parking lot staff when we left to direct traffic. They were probably on the trams...
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    New Christmas Town Discount Ticket Structure

    Tonight Saturday was red. Could not walk through Octoberfest. Festhaus was closed during 6 pm show. All rides had long lines.
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