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    News Bayside Skyride Evacuation

    I was doing some poking around with google searches and came across an article on the Seaworld Skyride evacuation.... seems it was a bit more than a breaker trip. If you...
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    Existing Roller Coaster Dominator

    Dominator was relocated from Geauga Lake. There, it was painted yellow and blue. So as a nod to it's history, they kept the loop yellow and repainted the rest orange.
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    Existing Roller Coaster Twisted Timbers

    For those that have not seen the new pouches
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    Kings Dominion Quality Control Team

    I305's lights have been out for a few years now. Racer 75 Rebel Yell's lights work on and off and also seems that only sections of it will work.
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    Existing Roller Coaster Twisted Timbers

    Piggy backing off of what B.Mac has said... It takes the train 47 seconds to get to the top of the lift hill once it starts leaving the station. Once it leaves the lift hill, it takes 55 seconds to get back to the final brake run. Once the train is on the final brake, it takes about 10-15...
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    2018 Winterfest

    My guess is that the off season maintenance schedule also plays part in the decision for which rides open/close. Grizzly and Racer 75 Rebel Yell are on the same maintenance team and this would allow them to work on Grizzly while Racer 75 Rebel Yell runs. Then once Winterfest closes, they will be...
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    Attraction Lightning Rod

    So uhhh..... You can sorta see it in this video Wonder if the nose cone was too heavy and this is an effort to reduce weight on the launch and the structure itself. I also noticed that the restraints in the top picture are red and the ones in the bottom are silver.
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    Attraction Lightning Rod

    I wonder if they have thought about replacing the supports with steel to try to accommodate for the stresses. I'm not an engineer, so not sure how feasible that is.
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    Attraction Infinity Falls - Intamin Rapids Ride

    They do have water cannons, but between the rain curtain (which doesn't seem to turn off or breakaway when a boat passes through),and also the water coming back down on the riders from the bridge after the drop. The water cannons doesn't seem to have as much effect. But it does look very fun...
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    Attraction Infinity Falls - Intamin Rapids Ride

    In case you forgot about this ride (probably so). They finally took the work walls down. And also some testing
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    Best & Worst Restraints

    I've never really thought about this before, but I would say Shockwave's were better. The OSTR portion is too bulky on the B&M's which makes looking around more difficult than Shockwaves. However, both were equally uncomfortable. Shockwave had more steps to the restraint system.
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    Existing Roller Coaster Loch Ness Monster

    There are ways to cut out specific sections. They did it on Iron Dragon this year and replaced just a rail. There is a picture somewhere. But there is ways to replace sections of track bolted or not. Edit: Found the picture...
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    Ride Inspections

    Came across this little gem from a few months ago. These guys are contractors that do the track inspections for the larger rides at the park. Very interesting to watch and also very nerve racking. But the views are amazing!
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    Rebranding & New Multi-Level Go Karts Central Park Funland has announced they're changing their name to Fun-Land of Fredericksburg as well as an upgrade to their go-karts. I'm a fan of the go karts as their old ones were slow and each car was inconsistent...
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    2018 Halloween Haunt

    I would imagine it would be how they designed the fenced in areas when they built Twisted Timbers. This is me being hopeful, but I would like to think that they had this in mind when designing the area to allow for TT to stay in operation during haunt hours.
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