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    COVID-19’s Impacts on BGW

    I don't mean right now, I mean in the future. With more people traveling and getting together around the holidays it's a very real possibility that restrictions could be further tightened.
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    COVID-19’s Impacts on BGW

    I'm wondering what the park would do if they had to drop back down to 1,000 person capacity. I find it hard to believe that would happen so soon after the increase, but it seems like a real possibility now.
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    2020 Busch Gardens Christmas Celebration

    WTKR and WAVY have both posted written articles which state 15 roller coasters are included. There must be an error in the press release. Or else Pantheon and several other new ones will be opening in the next couple weeks!
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    2020 Busch Gardens Christmas Celebration

    @BGWnut I totally understand what you're saying. I am well aware that legacy passes have not been given Christmas admission previously. However since this is not "Christmas Town" but is a separate event. Since they are allowing preschool passes this year and since they have given some free...
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    2020 Busch Gardens Christmas Celebration

    I was able to make reservations using our legacy pass barcodes and preschool pass by clicking the button labeled " Preschool Pass, Military Pass and previously purchased Busch Gardens Williamsburg 1-Day Tickets make reservations here. " There is nothing on the page indicating where legacy...
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    Existing Land of the Dragons (Germany)

    Any updates on Land of the Dragons? They removed the slides last year and posted signs that new features are coming. Has anyone seen or heard of work going on there?
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    2020 Busch Gardens Christmas Celebration

    Yes, that is true for memberships. I have a "season pass" on EZ Pay from years ago. Currently they have transitioned to just selling "memberships". Season Passes have never included Christmas Town admission. Season pass holders typically have to buy an admission ticket for Christmas Town, but...
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    Existing Water Ride Roman Rapids

    Unfortunately Pompeii's effects are suffering from the same neglect - but that's for another thread.
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    2020 Busch Gardens Christmas Celebration

    One one hand that makes sense. On the other hand if free preschool passes have been extended into the fall and winter events it would make sense to do the same with other paid passes.
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    2020 Busch Gardens Christmas Celebration

    Does anyone know if legacy season passes will be honored for the event?
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    2020 Busch Gardens Christmas Celebration

    I assume the "sleigh ride" is simply the ride in your own car to get to Busch Gardens - not an actual attraction once you get there. I noticed that some of the people in the photos for the previous events had masks photo shopped on. That is probably a more likely solution once again.
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    Project 2020: Operation Splashdown

    So no hope for an opening at the yet to be announced surprise Ocean Breeze Christmas event? Boo!
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    Existing Flat Ride Da Vinci's Cradle

    I saw a video posted online that Da Vinci's Cradle was operating today, even though it isn't part of the Fall Festival lineup. This is the first time it has been running this season from what I've heard. The video showed it swinging back and forth but never making a complete revolution. Does...
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    Ride Control Panels

    Kinder Karussell
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    2020 Halloween Harvest

    Security teams start at the back of the park and follow each path towards the front, checking all rides, shops, restaurants and bathrooms. If they find anyone, they follow their group as they make their way up towards the front.
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