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    Defunct Roller Coaster Volcano: The Blast Coaster

    I dont believe so. I believe it is still air cooled by fans, but my guess is that these newer systems were designed with specific cooling systems built in to the design.
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    Parts manufacturers

    Couple of thoughts on this: 1. When companies go under, the ones with enough capital left usually get bought out. We've seen this with Arrow, as S&S bought them and since there are still so many operating Arrow attractions, there is a market to keep creating consumables and specialized parts...
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    Project 2021: Pantheon

    Wow, somehow a channel with 317 subs can get special permission to film at the park on an off day. I had over 1500 subs at my peak (channel since closed) and was told a firm no when asked to do similar (also on an off-day) and I knew almost everyone (of any importance) in Ops. No jealousy here...
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    Existing Roller Coaster Verbolten

    Random fact: It was originally decided to do the standard "clear the track" spiel, but shortly before opening, one of the area supervisors came up with that line and they recorded her saying that instead. That's why it sounds like a different person, since Ashley did that one instead of the...
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    Defunct Dark Ride Curse of DarKastle

    A few years ago, there was park scuttlebutt about building an indoor VR coaster if BfE turned out to be fairly popular (this was just after they announced BfE). I didn't hear any other details after, so it was either made up, or scrapped. It's possible that the plan at that time was to replace...
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    Defunct Dark Ride Curse of DarKastle

    Sounds like typical park worker hearsay to me. The facts are that the ride was old, was seeing much less ridership than before, took a larger number of people to operate, and was worth more to the park as an open warehouse than an attraction. Parts are parts. You can almost always find someone...
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    Bring out your pets!

    Here is our lydie at the park last week
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    Existing Roller Coaster Apollo's Chariot

    In this case, the "manufacturer certification" is Consign doing their tests to ensure that the code has no bugs or other serious safety issues. In reality, they will check it even further than the park. They will most likely do a lot of the same testing, however Consign has a lot more riding...
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    Ride Control Panels

    I really like the newer consign panels, though IOE has really stepped up their game the past few years. Im not sure if someone has shared a pic of the main console on SV.
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    Ride Control Panels

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    Defunct Ghost Town in the Sky featured in Dude Perfect Airsoft Battle 3.

    I found a new use for Darkastle...
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    Attraction Top Thrill Dragster

    Yall see the Will Pemble drone video of TTD? The former overzealous ride op in me is chanting "ban for life!" So is the responsible drone operator in me. EDIT: It seems as if he has taken the video down. Guessing CF called him as I noticed that he was seemingly ignoring (by deleting comments)...
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    Existing Roller Coaster Apollo's Chariot

    Wow, I missed a lot... Anyways, if they are installing fiber for the ride systems, its a lot less exciting than you may think. Essentially, they are just replacing a data cable (could be ethernet, but in 1999, DH+ was the premiere choice of control systems data cable) with fiber. In all, they...
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    2020 Coasters and Craft Brews

    When the ride is turned off or E-stopped, the pumps are also off, allowing the water to completely run out of the trough. It takes about 5 min to drain completely, though the top drains in about a minute.
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    Coronavirus Crisis

    My wife was sick with COVID symptoms in early December, went through her 600 person grad school like crazy. 99% sure it was COVID now. She thought it was pneumonia at first, but didn't have the key crackling sound in the lungs like pneumonia has. She was out of school for 3 days and back to...
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