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    News Project 2020: Iron Gwazi

    212 ft lift hill with a 91 degree drop!? This just got 150% more interesting
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    News Project 2019: Tigris (Premier SkyRocket II)

    This is why I love the forums... it’s just a big, long guessing game. But no seriously, I think that another water ride could be in the works. Summer at BGT is devastatingly hot, and although Tidal wave didn’t draw huge crowds, I think an updated version of JTA could draw the sweaty tourist...
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    News SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby Steps Down

    This whole situation is bittersweet. Did I agree with all the policies that Manby instituted during his administration? No, everybody has their own style of leadership. Manby certainly attempted to turn SeaWorld around in rebranding their image as one of the most popular marine life theme parks...
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    News Sand Serpent to be enclosed

    Laff Trak 2.0?
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    News Sand Serpent to be enclosed

    A permit was recently filed by Busch Gardens Tampa to enclose the wild-mouse style ride and its queue by sometime in 2018. This will allow more to do during Florida's summer thunderstorms and provide a creative slate for such an underrated ride...
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    Attraction Infinity Falls - Intamin Rapids Ride

    [attachment=11137] Here's a pretty interesting photo I took yesterday at the park, most vegetation and trees have been removed, including the pathway that lead to the restaurant. However, it's worth noting that the Terrace Bar could have a Rainforest theme once everything is all said and done...
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    May 2017 Line of Sight Test

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    Attraction Infinity Falls - Intamin Rapids Ride

    Cheetah Hunt is an Intamin launch at BGT, and Falcon's Fury was also by Intamin.
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    [April Fools 2017] Thanks for the Thanks Initiative

    Aside from that, no admin is obligated to give out money or any prize to be frank. If they do, it is out of the goodness of their hearts and the appreciation for the dedicated members whom congregate in this forum.
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    [April Fools 2017] Thanks for the Thanks Initiative

    RE: Thanks for the Thanks Initiative Ooh monopoly money... my favorite!
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    News Blackstone to sell SeaWorld stake to China’s Zhonghong Zhuoye

    I'm actually pleasantly surprised....
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    Show Existing Iceploration (2012 - Present)

    I haven't heard much about a specific date, just the announcement they made at the beginning of this year
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    News New Show at Moroccan Palace 2017

    After a 5-year run, Iceploration is being replaced with a new show in Summer 2017
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    Tilikum Died

    Rest in Peace Tilikum... you will be missed greatly
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    Attraction Electric Eel

    RE: Project 2018: Premier SkyRocket II? They're due for another attraction period... Ocean Explorer will be a major plus, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to throw in a little bit of thrill.
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