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    Existing Roller Coaster Loch Ness Monster

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    Existing Roller Coaster Loch Ness Monster

    Nessie's Cave comes back to life!! <3 gn9uWQ9mi8w
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    Existing Roller Coaster Loch Ness Monster

    Two weekends ago I rode at night, and could've swore somewhere along the line I saw a dim blue light. If the intention is that it is meant to be the eyes of Nessie, they are clearly not done or it is not very obvious. Hopefully there will be more to come in time for Nessie's birthday next...
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    Existing Roller Coaster Loch Ness Monster

    Nessie Roars...**skip to 3:05** 1I6YjX19r_g
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    Project 2018: Battle for Eire (VR Attraction)

    Was fortunate to catch a soft opening after waiting only about 10 minutes this afternoon. Rode it 3 times total.  Overall I thought it was a cool addition.  It is basically an HD 3D animated movie with an immersive environment.  The kids are going to love it!! Ride 1 - spent time looking all...
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    Sesame Place Williamsburg

    RE: Survey Soliciting Interest in the Creation of Sesame Place Williamsburg So is this the new Terror-tory all my buddies were talking about for Howl-O-Scream!! ;-) I had no idea it would be this awesome. I am definitely putting in for scare actor again. I'm going to be the dancing Cookie...
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    Tickets & Passes

    Go to the Pass Member Login. Then click "Login with Barcode".   Enter the Barcode from the back of your pass.   Repeat as needed for each pass. :)
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    2015 Christmas Town

    Peppermint somethin' sundae... The great thing about having ice cream on a cold day....doesn't melt on you. ;)
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    2015 Christmas Town

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    2015 Christmas Town

    I dunno about running, but you can certainly catch me out there for my third year in a row getting that gingerbread man medal this season!! :)
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    2015 Bier Fest

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    Drummers Call - May 16, 2015

    See you there!! :)
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    Defunct Dark Ride Curse of DarKastle

    If you want some fried squirrel come up to Darkastle ASAP!! ————————————— Edit: a squirrel wanted to show guests the way out.  Animal control is trying to return the favor. ;) ————————————— Edit Edit:  I guess he had such hunger for Ludwig's secrets. ————————————— Edit Edit Edit: He just a little squirrel...
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    Shrubbery (Park Landscaping)

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    Defunct London Rocks!

    RE: London Rocks! (2014 to Present) Elf(s) on the Shelf?!?! Edit: Notice they are right over the ABC MANAGERS sign. Oh my!! ;)
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