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    2017 Halloween Haunt

    I have to agree, the crowds were extremely rowdy and rude. I saw people running up and trying to scare the actors, grabbing them, literally grinding on some and just plain being an asshole. Really makes me upset and feel for the actors, they have my respect. Also all of my maze groups had people...
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    RMC Hurler

    RE: Project 2018: RMC Hurler This is sounding like an 'evil' tree or Forest kinda theme. Makes sense because it's in candy apple Grove, it's a wooden coaster and if I'm not mistaken when hurler first opened there were lots of trees around it? Also knotty means lots of knots which knots are...
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    Bottle-free Season Pass Drink Plan coming in 2017

    Not sure if this is the right thread or if this has been discussed, but my family has the meal and drink plan and I'm going with friends soon so can they use my families passes to use those benefits? Or does it show their pictures or something
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    Existing Flat Ride Berserker

    So just a random thought while riding this that I'm sure tons of people have thought this too but theoretically is it possible for this ride to get stuck upside down? Or is it mechanically impossible
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    2017 Halloween Haunt

    It appears doll factory has been gutted, although the light up doll face is still there for now...(sorry for blurry photos phone sucks) [attachment=11242][attachment=11243][attachment=11244]
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    Daily Crowd Updates & Park Status

    Anyone at the park that can give me a crowd update?
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    Hurler is Closed

    RE: Hurler is Closed (Project 2018) Low key reluctant to get hype, too many times my fan boy dreams have been crushed by kd... oh well RMC hurler boi!!!!!!!
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    Halloween Haunt 2016

    I have to agree with everyone on trick or treat, truly an amazing maze. There was just so much detail, a step above no vacancy I think. There wasn't a room without an actor. All the talent were giving 110% effort. As for blackout, it was a pretty cool concept that I think was executed well...
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    The Next Coaster

    Why does kings dominion have to mess with my emotions like this
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    Halloween Haunt 2016

    Don't know if this means anything, but a little while ago (early june)I was walking by no vacancy and noticed the door open and heard lots of power tool noise coming from it. My hope is its getting a new layout. Or gutted to make room for a giant new karaoke bar/dance floor! Anyways wasn't there...
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    Hurler is Closed

    RE: Hurler Closed for 2016 Interesting that article pointed out the dug up dirt near the intimidator, I noticed that while riding but thought it was nothing. Is it really nothing or something. Hmmmm. (Excuse me for getting off topic)
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    [Old Concept] Winterfest: Christmas at Kings Dominion

    RE: Winterfest: Christmas at Kings Dominion So just wondering why doesn't KD actually go through with this event? I mean it would be wildly popular and would be very profitable for them I'm just wondering what is holding them back?
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    Halloween Haunt 2015

    So how was the last weekend of haunt?
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    Halloween Haunt 2015

    I cringe every time i hear it. A batman voice would of been better...I mean come on KD what were they thinking...
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    Halloween Haunt 2015

    Is anyone at haunt tonight? How does it compare to opening weekend?
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