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    Existing Roller Coaster Alpengeist

    Station, lift hill, mid course, main/safety brakes, and transfer track. I might be wrong in the name of the final block but for the most part it's something like this. If it only had 4 blocks the third train would stack on the mid course.
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    Project 2022 (?): Festhaus Park Giga Coaster

    Drachen Spire? Interesting
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    Quick Questions & Answers

    Face Shields are not allowed without a mask.
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    Existing Banbury Cross (England)

    Is no one going to mention how the London Rocks era music has been removed from the playlist?
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    Project 2022 (?): Festhaus Park Giga Coaster

    I know this thing was originally called Madrid but hence forth I will call it Cheetah Hunt XL.
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    Lawsuit Claims Improperly Secured Restraints on Storm Runner

    The entire story raises questions, Storm Runner is a slightly older Intamin but I'm pretty sure that it still has to have all restraints locked before leaving the station. Also isn't there a curtain laser on the walkway on each side of the station that E-stops the ride when the laser is crossed?
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    Ideal and Likely Volcano Replacement Ideas

    First off, love the presentation. The ride theme, and type all sound amazing. The concept and delivery you've put here all seem like they would boost the park quite a bit on the quality scale. I just don't see Papa Cedar Fair wanting to invest as heavily (or maybe as quickly) as Paramount did.
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    News Project 2020: Candymonium & Hershey's Chocolatetown

    First steel coaster I suppose
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    Online Maps & Satellite Imagery of BGW

    It's excellent that someone has made a post specifically about but I'm pretty myself and others have known about this for a while. Either way it's really an awesome time capsule. I love walking back through Oktoberfest and seeing what I remember. Even though it's not that old yet I like checking...
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    Existing Roller Coaster Apollo's Chariot

    If all this is true about the launches not being TTD and Ka's advertised top speed, does that mean the drops propel to that speed?
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    Existing Roller Coaster Verbolten

    What do you mean by "In the past few years"? Would you be talking about 2018?
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    Existing Roller Coaster Apollo's Chariot

    So that photo of Apollo by the water, you can get a photo of that from the Rhine River Cruise, specifically during one of the reservation only wine cruises.
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    Existing Roller Coaster Twisted Timbers

    I've only done one RMC so it's equally the best and worst. Great ride though, absolutely blew my mind riding it back in 2018. I feel like it didn't have quite the same pull in 2019 but still top two material. I personally find it better than I305 because it's a more "diverse" ride I guess.
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    Big Thunder Block Brakes

    Disney is so concerned with capacity on this ride (and many others) they are able to add a train without stopping the ride. They wait until certain trains are in the first and third lifts and then they bring in train #5 from the maintenance bay. It's a relatively seamless process.
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    Rumor Project 2021: RMC Raptor?!

    I think that the ride itself would be awesome for a park but from what I can tell Magic Mountain requires higher capacity rides. Even if this ride has 2 boats running it'll be a long, slow line.
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